Sunday, December 23, 2007

Random Facts and Some Seriously Good Linkage

1. Did y'all know that my husband is one of the best cookie makers? He is making cookies with our daughter right now. And, yes, I am blogging. Ahem.

2. I have to go to the grocery store. I have lost my mind. I keep thinking of a store that no one may be at, but that will have everything I need. I don't think we have one of those.

3. Maggie keeps hiding under the tree. She thinks she is a present. She is. She is the present that keeps on taking.

4. Mr. Edwards caught another beaver. We have at least two more to go in our pond. More on that later...

5. Roxanne has written one of her best posts about her Daddy and his Sunday best. Head on over there to read it. Seriously, good stuff!


Roxanne said...

Thanks for the shout out. You are too kind.

And going to the store????????? Today????????? Girl, have you lost your mind? No more than I lost mine--I had to go too. My boy has a nasty infection in one tonsil and can only manage to swallow icecream. So off to the store I went.

A mother's love knows no bounds.

Linda said...

#3 best comment all week.