Monday, December 10, 2007

Somebody needs a nap. Or a valium.

1. Remember this kitty? Well, as it turns out "it" is a girl and the neighbors have confirmed my suspicion that she is well-cared for and not homeless. Still, she insists on sleeping on our porch at times.

Daughter has named her, "Pilgrim." The other night Pilgrim was lounging on the wicker and daughter peeked through the window to say,"Good night, Pilgrim."

2. We have hired Mr. Edwards to humanely catch and release the beavers. Over the weekend, we snared us a critter.

The next door neighbor called us to share the news. We all gathered 'round with the kids early in the morning and watched the beaver sit on the bank and await his fate. (Don't worry. He was fine.)

It was riveting.

The beaver sat there, really still, with his back to us all and thought to himself, "I hope I don't end up on someone's blog."

3. Maggie has lost her ever lovin' mind. I found her on the kitchen counter! EWWW! I draw the line at counters and tables. I honestly think she is headed for the Paris trip at any moment.

4. I went on a field trip today with my daughter's class and if I had been heavily medicated, it may have been mildly entertaining. But since I was not, it was, to say the least, a fiasco.

The person giving the chemistry demo kept confusing an acid with a base. A few of us kept looking at each other like, "Um. Is somebody going to say something?" Daughter's teacher is very diplomatic and reserved, unlike myself, so she didn't say anything. I suspect she will go over the material with the class later.

Eventually, somebody did say something. Guess who that was.

Yep. Me.

But in a nice way, I promise.

5. Later, we had a picnic lunch and my daughter's friend found the one spot in the entire park where the largest dog known to man went poo. Then somebody ended up helping her dig it all out with a stick.

Yep. Me.

I had to. She was so sad about her shoe. Bless her heart.

6. I later went to the grocery store and, no kidding, the bagger was so slow that there was actual moss growing on his little vest.

And I am very patient, people. Really. I used to work in retail. But with the acid and the base and all the dog poo, I had reached my limit for the day.

7. On the bright side, the little lights are finally twinkling.



{Karla} said...

sounds like a "serenity now"-type of day. (one of my favorite Seinfelds)


Susanne said...

That is definitely a lot to deal with in one day! Especially the stick and poo part. I hate that.

Roxanne said...

Nothin' worse than dog poop. . .especially on someone else's child's shoe. Oh my. I think you need some more cookies.

Linda said...

I'm impressed you know chemistry.