Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It was good enough for the kind officer with the pepper spray.

So, today is my birthday. I almost didn't post that.

But I did it anyway.

I spent the morning volunteering at school and had planned to go later to get my driver's license. Yes, I know it was the last minute, but I had also planned to go yesterday, only I was volunteering at school yesterday and it lasted longer than I thought.


While I was helping out with a school project, the teacher's aid brought my daughter to me to let me know she wasn't feeling well. We packed up her bag, I passed off my duties, and we headed to the DMV.

Sounds like fun. Doesn't it?

Let me tell you that I have never been so glad to have my picture taken for my driver's license. It sounds a little nuts, but it is true. Several years ago, when I had the last license renewed, I was out of state and the DMV sent me a new license without a photo.

You would think that I had tried to spin the Earth in the opposite direction.

Whenever I tried to write a check or do anything that required a photo ID, I showed my license without the photo and the clerks would be in shock. The license clearly read, "Valid Without Photo ID." All of the state patrol officers and deputy sherriffs in the country considered my driver's license valid, but the lady at Wal-mart found it questionable.

I always got comments like this...

"Wow. I've never seen one like that."

"How do you get a license without a picture?"

"I'd like one of those!"

"Hmmm.... let me get my supervisor."

Inevitably, the "Let me get my supervisor" comment always came from the 19 year old cashier at CVS or Eckerd whenever I tired to purchase my sinus medicine. It seems that once you have mastered the skills of the One Hour Photo Lab at Walgreens, you are also an expert in fake ID's and nabbing a Stay At Home Mom who is obviously trying to buy Motrin Cold and Sinus for her meth lab.


Sometimes I would just have a little fun with them and tell the clerks that I was in witness protection. I'd pause to see their reaction, then laugh hysterically, of course. Most of them would laugh along with me.

Then there was always Mr. DEA at the photo lab who peered at me suspiciously in the corner of his eye as he plopped open the huge Book of Sinus and Cold Medicine Suspects and handed me a pen.

Which was chained to the counter.

You can't get anything pass that guy!



Lynne said...

Hope you had a great birthday - and a great picture!

Roxanne said...

Cookin' up a little meth would probably earn you TWO photos--one head-on and one profile--rather than NO photo.

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday, you villanous criminal mastermind.

Today is K's BD as well, but she still has a year before we have to go to the DMV for the first time.


Fresh Girl said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you didn't have to wait too long at the DMV!

And thanks for the reminder...I need to go there and get a new I.D, since I don't drive. Maybe then I'll stop having my MOTHER whip her driver's license out whenever I write a check. Talk about *embarrassing*!

Barbara H. said...

A belated happy Birthday to you!

I didn't know you could get a drover's license without a photo. You'd think people at cash registers would think, though, that if you really were up to no good, you wouldn't do something unusual like that. I'm sure all the real criminals strive to have perfectly normal-looking photos on their IDs. :-)

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

{Karla} said...

Happy Birthday (belated)

I had no idea those non-photo IDs existed!


Reynie said...

Happy B-day! And have fun at the DMV. I live in one of those small towns where it doesn't take too long at the DMV but once upon a time when I lived in the big city of Atlanta, I waited for HOURS to get one. I hope you don't have that type of experience.

Susanne said...

Happy Birthday to you! Hope it's a wonderful one.

And if I need anything of a suspicious nature done that requires photoless ID, I'll know who I can call.

Linda said...

Oh Melanie, I missed your big day. And what a day it was. I wonder what digits represent your time upon this earth? Sending love to you from Indiana!

Erin said...

no way! I didn't know they would make a driver's license without a picture. I'm amazed! Just like the people at wal*mart.