Sunday, December 02, 2007

Y'all have no idea.

If words could express the weekend I have had, I would eloquently pen them on handmade paper while sipping espresso and listening to Yanni.

Yet, I shall not. I am just plum tired. (How's that for eloquent?)

I've been camping.

When I've regained consciousness and sanity, I will share it all with you.


PJ said...

Up here where we'uns live, it is far to cold for camping or any other outdoor activity. yesterday I went on a "house walk" to see CHristmas decorations in some beautiful homes. My hair was FROZEN. No kidding. It was sleeting. Sleet would thaw in the houses, then freeze again outside. I had iced hair. (I'd much prefer an iced mocha!!)

Waiting to hear about camping!

Susanne said...

Camping does not compute in my brain right now because it is grey and white and freeeeezing here.

I love Yanni's music!

{Karla} said...

it is finally perfect camping whether around here.

We bought all of our equipment in May, and the next week it went up to over 100 degrees and didn't come back down until september...