Friday, August 29, 2008

Priorities, people.

I was on the phone with Mama today, catching up from the long time we've gone without talking, which was probably less than 48 hours. A lot can happen in two days.

While we were talking, she asked if I needed her to send me anything. She specifically asked if I could find any good grits. Then the conversation went something like this...

Me- "Well, now that you mention. I do need a few things. Can you please send me some Jim Dandy grits and some White Lily flour?"

Mama- "Oh, you use Jim Dandy grits."

Me- "Yes. Will you please add a bag of Martha White flour for N?" (N is a friend who moved here, too. She is from Alabama.)

Mama- "Yes. Just make a complete list and let me know."

Me- "We think we may be able to get some Martha White flour eventually because some of the stores have Martha White cornmeal. For now, though, could you send some Martha White flour for N?"

Mama- "Yes. And do you want me to send you some White Lily cornmeal?"

Me- "No. I use Martha White cornmeal, so that's fine."

Mama- "Oh, you do."

Me- "Yes. I don't mind Martha White cornmeal but I'd prefer White Lily flour. All I can get are Pillsbury and Gold Medal."

Mama- "I used to use Gold Medal years ago.... can you get dried black-eyed peas?"

Me- "I don't know. I haven't looked."

Mama- "Well, you let me know. Make a list and I'll send it."

If you aren't Southern, you probably haven't even read this far and are in the middle of napping. If you are Southern, you completely get this conversation and may be thinking to yourself about what brands of flour, cornmeal and grits you prefer.

And you might be thinking about how you prefer dried, frozen or canned black-eyed peas. You are also thinking to yourself that my Mama is one good woman to help me prepare for New Year's Day in August.

And, yes, you're so right.

Edited to add: I found dried black-eyed peas at Wal-mart. Dried is the only kind I will cook. I did a little dance right there in the aisle. Well, not really.


Randi Jo :) said...

what happened to your pretty lay out?

I usually only read on bloglines - but came by here and the pretty purple is gone


Smilingsal said...

I hear you about New Year's Day and black eyed peas with corn bread, but don't claim that you can't find black eyed peas in your grocery store. They're national!

boomama said...

Well, White Lily flour is the best. I'm also partial to the White Lily corn meal - I think it makes a fluffier cornbread. Somehow Martha White seems grittier, and I could talk for hours! for hours! about this very topic.

If you need any Sister Shubert's, let us know and we'll see if we can round up some dry ice. :-)

Your mama is good people.

Mary - Cruise Blogger said...

This made perfect sense to me -- of course you need a specific brand of flour and cornmeal. Everyone has her brand - right? Of course, I'm a Bama girl, too.

And sounds like you got a Mama who understands what's important.

Holly said...

So Much FUN! And yes, I did think it was kind of your Mama to think of New Year's and black eyed peas in August. What a wonderful Mama you have!

R said...

i stumbled across this post from BooMama, and i'm glad i did! i was cracking up. i'm a southern girl too, so i can relate. :0)

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

Thanks for the offer, BooMama. You are good people, too.

PJ said...

I'm an ex-Southerner, but I know exactly what you mean. Although I thing Ex-Southerner is an oxymoron. One can never cease being Southern even when one has lost the accent. Talk about grits and Martha White flour just set off the drawl in my voice and the digestive juices in my stomache!! Woe is me. Martha White Flour is several hours drive away from Here!!! I've learned to live without it. Sadly.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Well I've only lived in Georgia for 6 years, but I can attest that White Lily is the best flour, especially for cake. Fluffay.

But being from South Texas, I have a sister and a momma that send me Gebhardt Chili Powder, Ranch Style beans, and good salsa. I can totally relate to "the list."

Shannon@Idylwild said...

Now, flour and grits are important, but can you find good tea?

Roxanne said...

Oh the humanity. . .this could have been catastrophic were it not for mamas and the postal service. :)

Nikki said...

Just found you thanks to a link from Boomama. I'm a GA peach, turned (SC) Carolina girl, turned Texan. I have been stunned and shocked beyond belief that I can't find grits in Texas. Amazing! I've checked the big 3 - Kroger, Randalls and Walmart and can only find the single serving packets. My mom is already on alert and is sending me the slow-cooking kind. Good luck with your plight!

happygeek said...

Not at all a Southerner, but I hear you on the flour thing. Canadian Wheat is harder than American Wheat and I couldn't figure out to bake with it when we lived in Texas. Finally had my mom bring down several bags of Robin Hood when she came to save my sanity.
I moved back home for the flour and the margarine!

Nancy said...

Thanks for asking your mom to send the MW flour. :)
Now I only need to get the Steen's syrup shipped!

Dawn René said...

I totally understand this.

When I lived in Canada for two years, I had my mom ship me Luzianne tea bags (the family sized ones) and grits.

You'll never know true sadness until you ask for sweet tea and the waitress says, with confusion in her eyes, "It's freshly that the same?"

Lisa @ Take90West said...

I have to have my friend send my cans of Rotel...I need them for a few recipes and can't get them here up North!
Fun post!

nthelight079 said...

Oh, how funny! When you wrote that your mom asked about black-eyed peas, I absolutely thought New Year's Day!!! And I agree, dried are the ONLY way to go!

Wanda said...

You are right about "southern" stuff. I live in Indiana....and it's alien to me their yankee ways!

These people put spag. noodles in their chili!!!!!!! Huh?
Crazy! Where I come from....that's called Chili Mac!

My kids were so funny the first time they encountered the chili....
"Mama, that's not chili! It's got noodles in it!! Eeew!"

They still won't eat it...after living here almost 9 years!