Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is why cats were never nomads.

Several people have commented and asked about how Maggie coped with the move. Rather, they've really wanted to know how I coped with moving Maggie.

Y'all are sweet, considerate people.


It took us about four days to arrive at our new home. Two of those four days were spent driving across Texas. Everyone knows that Texas is its own country. Not because the people are proud but, because it is huge.

I'll just tell y'all now that Maggie did not ride in the limo.

For most of the trip, Maggie was fine. She just slept in her carrier, rested next to our daughter in the Pilot. Maggie's problem is not riding in the car; it is stopping in the car. See, when the car stops for long periods of time, Maggie thinks it is time to get out. She starts to meow and whine and literally shake the carrier's door with her paw.


Then she runs her tiny tin cup along the cage door in defiance.

"When I get out of here, I'll show them!"


On our first hotel stop, Maggie got out of her carrier, looked around and hissed. We realized that she saw herself in the mirror and gave herself the business. When she understood that the uppity, arrogant, non-threatening, fat cat was just her, she relaxed and fell into her normal routine.

She ate like there's no tomorrow.

With each hotel stop, Maggie did the same thing. Sniffed around. Meowed. Ate. Used the potty box. Then she would relax.

Once, I think she looked at me and said with her cat eyes,"Is this the place? Can't we just live here? I'm tired of riding in the car."

Or maybe that was me talking to Hubs.

Anyway. Maggie survived and did very well for a cat with bladder control problems. She's just glad we are out of the car and finally home.

Me too, Maggie. Me, too.


Smilingsal said...

Glad to hear she made it. You too.

Susanne said...

The vision in my head of Maggie running a tin cup along the bars cracked me up so much everyone in the living room wondered what on earth I was reading.

I'm glad she and her family made it okay!

nancygrayce said...

I can in no way imagine moving my cats. I can, however, imagine leaving them with the buyer! :) Just kidding....I'm never moving so I guess I won't be faced with that problem. Glad you made it to your new home.

PJ said...

You and Maggie sound like Bobsey Twins!! Strange how animals and their owners share certain characteristics. HMMM.

Brian said...

bladder problems? i think, if she didn't have any accident on the pilot (oops slip: i meant in the pilot) then maaaaybe she doesn't have much of a bladder problem, but of an effective way of showing she is PISSed off. I never could get a cat to eat while traveling! then again, maggie has priorities...