Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What God Will Do

What does God do when your life is going along smoothly, happily, without a real care in the world, (compared to a mother whose child is hungry and she has nothing to feed her or a father who is struck down with cancer and can no longer work?)

What does God do when you think you've been through it all, an ongoing battle with depression, the stuff of life that happens, but what sometimes feels like it happens all at once?

What does God do when your child loves her school, her friends, is doing well academically, and you feel so blessed in the opportunity that (you think) you know is rare?

What does God do when you fall in love with your church, your home, your neighbors and you are so grateful (but never grateful enough,) savoring in the moment in life when everything is going along smoothly, happily, without a real care in the world?

I'll tell you.

God moves you.

He challenges you.

He plucks your family from their cozy nest and plops them in what seems to be the middle of nowhere.

He lets tiny battles of sadness and anxiety rise up in what was once a Cease Fire Agreement.

He leads you to a new school that makes you a little unsure, but thankful nonetheless.

He allows a moving company to make such a mess, such an inept attempt at packing, storing and moving household goods that even the cynical you is still in disbelief.

What does God do?

He knows all, sees all, is in control over all and all the while He never takes His eyes off of you and your little family still shaking off the goose down you left behind in your cozy nest.

Without explanation. Without excuse. But not without purpose.

What do you do?

You wait. You pray. You cry. You laugh at the absurdity,the disbelief, and the frustrations.

You settle in the new cozy nest that you've found once again called faith. You lean not unto your own understanding but rely on His Will, His Love, His Sovereignty.

In your own humanness and shortcomings, you try to fluff this faith nest for your little family, nuzzle them and find shelter from the cold.

You give thanks that your living God, the one true God has created this nest called faith.

And you wait to see what He will do next.


Kelli said...

Amen, sister. I think we are in the same boat .... Hope God smoothes the ware for you soon.

Big Mama said...

I'm praying for you, Mel. I know He will make the rough places smooth.

Jeanne robinson said...

This makes me miss you even more!! Pray for me while I am praying for you. I tried calling you this afternoon. left you a message!! Love ya and keep the faith the Lord knows what He is doing Love Ya jeanne give that sweet daughter of yours a big hug for us!!

Roxanne said...

Oh, sweet friend, I was wondering how you REALLY felt about it all. Thank you for writing this. And yes, God will use it powerfully not just because he can but also because you want him to.

PJ said...

Yes he will!!! And it's our job to understand and comply with his purpose. Praying for you. It may be right, but it AIN'T EASY!!