Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Tale Of The German Coffee Pot or Why My Husband is Taking Me Out To Dinner

We are here. All of our stuff hasn't arrived yet, but we're settling in.

Note to moving people- If you show up at some one's house, especially a someone who has a lot of dishes and what-nots, and you already have stuff on your truck, and let's say the someone tells you that there is no way on God's green earth that all of her stuff is going to fit on the truck, LISTEN TO HER.

I'm just sayin.'

And let's say that when you promise that the rest of the stuff will go on a second truck and that it will arrive just a few days after the first truck and the someone who has a lot of dishes and what-nots pretty much tells you she doesn't believe it, LISTEN TO HER.

All hypothetical, of course.

We've been in our house for two whole days. Besides unwrapping dish after dish and discovering that the movers packed my onions in with other food items, we have been bored to tears.

I, personally have been driven to tears because after two whole days of unwrapping dish after dish, I still haven't found my coffee pot.

In the middle of my own personal Operation Chaos, Hubs and Daughter decided that they would make up folks songs for entertainment. (We still don't have cable.) Hubs was playing the Irish flute and Daughter was playing a Native American flute. (We have odd musical instruments.)

During the folk song musical, Hubs made up a song about a woman who could not find her German coffee pot. I have no idea why it is German. Somehow it segued from the Irish flute.

I then made up a folk song about the man married to the wife who could not find her German coffee pot and now we are all going out to dinner.

This is where you would insert a really good Christopher Guest clip if you had the energy, which I don't, because I can't find my German coffee pot.

P.S. I am blogging at the library. Intercessory prayers would be appreciated.


Smilingsal said...

Allowing strange (and I do mean strange) people to pack and carry your things away is one of life's greatest frustrations. Try hard to breathe slooowly.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Eewwww...library or not; no coffee pot? That's what you need prayer for. Uh-huh. Awful. Terrible. Nightmarish.

I'm so sorry.

Roxanne said...

I am SOOOOOO sorry that your coffee pot, either German or not, is missing on some strange truck somewhere. I am hoping you went to a GREAT place for dinner and inhaled dishes with LOTS of salt. And also chocolate. And butter too.

Jeanne robinson said...

Miss you!! I asked Ken "can you believe someone would pack onions" and he Said yed i can@!! YOU neded good old MAYFLOWER Love you lots and miss you!!

PJ said...

At least your coffee pot won't arrive packed with onions. Onion flavored coffee would not be my "cup of tea!"

AND...I'd send aforementioned hubby out to the nearest Starbucks first thing in the morning or face death by onion strangulation.

Hope you had a great dinner!!! Blessings.

MarySnyder-Joy Filled Life said...

Ahh -- no coffee pot, blogging at the library, I think you've landed in a state of crisis. So, I'm sending up some prayers for the wayward coffee pot, internet access and the slow-moving truck.

Hope dinner was fabulous!

Susanne said...

Oh, my heart is gripped for you! You are a strong woman to last two whole days. I would have been sending hubby out to the nearest WallyMart store to buy another pot immediately upon discovery that the the original went onto the second truck.

Be strong!

Brian said...

tell hubs to go find his baritone. that would give better folk&german polka melody with daughter's flute playing.
I'm not betting on you having a starbucks there, so scout out a "coffee shop" or dunkin donuts where you can get some good jo. say "hi" to hubs for me. It's our 13 anniv today and i just dropped off flowers at the wife's work....couldn't do the starbucks as it doesn't fit her diet right now