Sunday, August 31, 2008

Go ahead and preheat the oven.

For all my displaced Southern friends, looky here at what I found.

If you don't have a Mama to send it to you, this will work just as well.

Happy Baking!


PJ said...

Oh wow! I guess everything s on line these days - even Southern culture!!!

Smilingsal said...

By now, you must be wiping the crumbs from the corners of your mouth.

Emmett & Pendy Bowers said...

Still making my way through your blog and I can SO identify with most of what you write (although I am in my fifties and some of it is just a memory). My mother-in-law, originally from Clay County, GA, would fill a suitcase with White Lily on trips home and take it back with her to France and other far flug places. One must have one's White Lily.