Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ellen Sums Up The Bachelor

I'm not exactly a fan of The Bachelor. I've seen a few clips here and there but most of the time it just gets on my nerves, what with all the spaghetti strap dresses, stilettos and empty promises. Most of it just reminds me of high school and up to this point I have managed to stay out of therapy for that.

If you are a fan, do not be offended. I am sure that you do not comprehend my obsessions with Seinfeld. That's what is great about the blogosphere. We are a Melting Pot of useless television fascinations.

Yesterday I was watching Ellen DeGeneres, which is unusual because I don't normally watch Ellen. I mean, I think she is funny and quirky and did a great Dory and she is hugely popular.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

For whatever reason, I don't normally watch Ellen but yesterday I was channel surfing. My daughter was home sick from school and napping in the other room. I was finding something quiet to do while she rested because you really can't be running the vacuum with a sick kid sleeping in the house.

Yeah. Like I would have been doing that anyway.

So I found Ellen and it was a good thing because Ellen summed up my feelings about The Bachelor and fit it into a funny monologue. Which is why she has a hit TV show and I am at home blogging about Jerry and Newman.

Go here to watch the monologue. That Ellen. She is talented.

You will get a message which reads "0 Results." The video should load in a few seconds.


Susanne said...

I hate The Bachelor. For so many reasons I could probably write a thesis on it. Blech.

"We are a melting pot of useless television fascinations" made me laugh right out loud. How right you are.

Now off to watch the Ellen clip because even though I do hate the Bachelor(ette) I do love Ellen. :v)

Holly said...

Lol I think Ellen is hilarious, and that clip was no exception. :P

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

That rambling style she has is genius. I've been watching the Bachelor this year because my girlfriends have been, and I wanted to be popular.

TRS said...


The Bachelor doesn't do it for me either. Wish I could find a hubby via that method but I don't think I could put up with the object of my affection/attention smooching and who knows what with other women while we're supposed to be getting to know eachother. It's absurd.

I do love Ellen. I have loved her comedy for years and that she has a successful show like this is just gravy. I'm very happy for her. And especially thrilled that she is on Cover Girl ads! So nice that they have a normal, beautiful woman instead of some unabtainable- beauty type for once.