Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why I Love Blogging

So blogging won't make you rich, famous or thinner. But there are a lot of things about blogging that are good, stupendous, wonderful and lots of O'Reilly words I love.

1. Blogging helps me connect with people whom I otherwise would never meet. By meet, I mean learn their blog name or their first name or their spy name and email them about things we can't blog about or other people would just judge us.

2. Blogging is the only time that I can find out that people are following me and it is completely fine.

3. To blog is to live or to live is to blog. Either way, you can use a cute/lame phrase and turn it into a post because you are smack dab in the middle of writer's block.

4. Blogging makes you believe that you could actually write something because you have at least one or maybe two people who comment and like a dozen others following you.

Yep. That could send you soaring to the top of the New York Times best seller's list.

5. If I didn't blog, my family would be inundated with plain emails without cute cow pictures and snapshots of tea and biscuits.

Snooze. Ville.

With a life like mine, graphics and fancy font really make the story seem interesting.

6. Blogging helps me to partially live out my covert Ops dream of living two lives complete with another identity and a site meter.

7. The Blogosphere is the only place you can make a list and claim it as writing. Anywhere else, it's just a list.

What about you? What do you love about blogging? And what do you not love?


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I agree, when I started the blogging thing a year ago I did it on a lark. Now it is something that I find to be a wonderful source of affirmation and connection with other people. I have expectation each day to see if I will receive a comment on my posts and I look forward to reading the posts of those that I follow. I never imagined that it would be such a source of friendship and connection. It also challenges me to push myself to think outside the box, to explore expressing myself with the written word.
I just love it!


Susanne said...

I love reading posts like this. LOL.

I blog for the friendships I have made mostly. It's really been a place for me to connect with other ladies. It really fills that hole that working at home with a houseful of little ones makes for adult connection. It makes me think when I have to write, to put my thoughts together in a coherent manner, it keeps me in touch.

Lenore Buth at www.awomansview.typepad.com said...

I love blogging, even though it eats up time, because I can write and then put it "out there" immediately. (Whether anyone cares that I do, well, that's another story.)

I, too, look to see whether I have a comment. Guess I'm doing something wrong, because I don't get that many. I love it when someone says they found meaning in a post. After all, that's why I write.

Like a demanding child, my blog demands that I keep writing. That's a good thing, keeps me challenged and growing. As for the feeling of connection, it's there, too. So I guess I'm hooked.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Well, I love this post, for one thing. I'm on my way to a church thing, but I'd like to try this one.

Anonymous said...

I blog because it's cheaper than therapy.