Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day- The Reality Version

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, The Big One. The day when men are at their wit's end trying to figure out what to buy so that they don't end up on the couch.

We put a lot of pressure on them, girls. Let's cut them some slack.

Valentine's Day isn't about Pajama Grams and Teddy Bears.

Sarah eloquently writes about it here. Her post is a must read this weekend.

Hat tip to Roxanne.


Tammy said...

That was a wonderful read, thank you!

My husband is dealing with really awful stuff at work right now and came home feeling discouraged perhaps tomorrow won't be all that romantic. But love goes deeper than that sometimes!

Hope you're doing well!

Roxanne said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Sarah's post. I thought it was grand. Seeing as how I have a horrible cold, there will be no romance 'round here. . .but my sweet hubs beat on my back earlier to help me breathe. THAT was love today. :)