Thursday, February 05, 2009

Exactly where is the fun in dysfunction?

I'm sitting here trying to concentrate on blogging when Maggie strolls in the room to tell me the news.

Let me say that again. Concentrate on blogging. Like it's calculus or something.

It is exactly 3:47 PM and Maggie thinks it is time for dinner. She is fed each day at 5:00 PM. Due to her addiction issues, she has begun to tremor and get a bit irritable between her regularly scheduled fixes... er meals.

I've said before that the canned cat food she eats must be laced with something. Normally I would get my husband to write a letter to the company, but that could start an ugly investigation which could lead to a recall.

Which would mean our supplier (in air quotes) would be gone.

Heaven forbid.

Let's just say, if that ever happened, I would thank the good Lord above that Maggie is declawed.

Every afternoon Maggie walks up to me and whines. She rubs her face on the furniture, paws at my leg, moans and belly-aches. She ate less than 8 hours before and there is dry cat food in her dish. Never mind that she hasn't done anything all day to burn any of the calories she has consumed.

And still, I love cats. I love this cat. She is nuts and needy and has a serious attitude.

Okay. Maybe I'm the one who is nuts.

You dog people have no idea how good you have it getting up in the night to take them out and picking up poo in used Wal-mart bags. Your lives are cake.


Marie said...

My cat thinks she needs to be fed as soon as my feet hit the floor. She literally follows me around unitl I fill her bowl or run her off. Glad to know I am not the only person with this problem.

secondofwett said...

Ha! I have an Old English Sheepdog....Almost two weeks ago we had to euthanize his buddy, our beloved blk, the OES has decided that he'll only eat his dry kibble if you put yogurt on it...every meal...when we had two dogs they usually just got it on the evening meal..when we had, he just ignores his food until there's yogurt on's that for persnickedy!(I prob spelled that word incorrectly!)

Susanne said...

And I must be really nuts because we have one of each!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I heard recently that dogs have owners and cats have staff. That cracked me up. My husband says he likes cats, but we'll never be able to have one due to my allergies.