Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An emergency call from the shaky paws of Maggie

I was helping out at Vacation Bible School yesterday while here on our vacation. A familiar tune came from my purse.

It was my cell phone.


"Hello, Miss Melanie. This is C. Where is ...(garbled words and static.")

"I'm sorry, sweetie. What did you say? I couldn't understand you."

"This is C. Where is Maggie's canned food?"

"Oh, you can just give her dry. We changed her to dry food. I'm sorry I didn't tell you."


"Is she behaving for you?"

"Yes. She is being good."



I closed my phone and felt a sick feeling in my stomach.

In an effort to make the cat sitting time easier on Nancy and her daughter, I had switched Maggie to dry food. She had gone off of her Elegant Medleys cold turkey a few weeks before and we had not noticed any ill effects.

My imagination got the best of me and I wondered if cats could go into a state of delayed detox.
Maggie could be Jonesing right now and poor Nancy is having to ice her down in the tub.

Oh, the humanity.


Roxanne said...

Well, I doubt the sweet, little C. will write "cat from the abyss" on Maggie's chart.

And Tony and I say "oh the humanity" all the time. That poor guy--he was just at a loss for words while trying to report, yet he's gone down in history for his statement that made no sense.

Susanne said...

Don't you just love pet phone calls when you're on vacation? I'm sure Maggie is doing just fine.