Thursday, June 11, 2009

We interrupt our irregularly scheduled program.

So, I promise not to blog about deli meat. Or cheese. Or any of the other cold cuts.

It's been days since I've posted anything at all and I'm not really sure why, except for the fact that nothing exciting has happened.

I've spent the week driving my daughter back and forth to a kids' art and poetry class, attending picnic get-togethers, running to the drug store, the grocery store and the Secondhand Starbucks.

That's pretty much it.

Oh, and I had some blood drawn on Wednesday for some routine lab work. The lady who does the labs is so good that I took a comment card home and told her I'd write a letter. She is the best needle sticker EVER. This lady is so good that there isn't even a little dot, much less a bruise. Plus, it doesn't hurt.

She has skills.

Sadly, I get excited about the fact that someone poked me with a needle without inflicting pain. I should get out more.

Tonight, I plan to check out the new show "She's Got The Look," although I have a feeling it will end up getting on my nerves. I know the commercials have really been annoying.

My daughter and I were watching the commercial for the show (about looking good and modeling over the age of 35) and she blurted out, "That is so stupid!"

"What is stupid about it? Looking good when you're old?" I asked.


"Then, what?"

"How they're dressed."

"Oh, like in bikinis and stuff?"


"You're right. You can look good without being half-dressed."

"Yeah," she added," you don't have to look like Queen Elizabeth, but you don't have to look like a biker woman either."

"I agree," and I smiled a smug Mom smile and patted myself on the back, just a little.

No offense to Queen Elizabeth.



Barb said...

Well good for her! Her remark about the queen cracked me up, but I imagine Elizabeth has been hearing pretty much exactly that for years and years and years and is quite used to it by now.

I'd be darn proud of her too.

Susanne said...

LOL. Your daughter is one smart cookie! Her mama's raising her right!

Roxanne said...

If the only two choices are the Queen of England or a biker woman, I'm all about being the Queen.

Lenore Buth at said...

Sounds like your daughter has her head on straight. Let's hope her point-of-view lasts through her teenage years.

All you can do as a mom is keep putting in the good stuff (sounds like you have been) and keep on praying throughout the adventure.