Monday, June 15, 2009

The pink flamingos have landed. Almost.

I'm knee deep in Oriental Trading goods.

We've been planning my daughter's birthday party. The very first decision which must be made (trumping time and date) is theme. It's all about the theme. I have hosted bowling parties, princess parties, cowgirl parties and tropical themed parties.

The bowling party was, by far, the easiest one to prepare. Calling the lady in the hairnet at the bowling alley and telling her how many kids will eat the hot dog and fries basket is about as easy as it gets.

Although, the actual party was not void of drama. It rained so hard that day. I had to actually go back in the house and change clothes after gingerly sheltering the birthday cake while loading the car. I sloshed myself into the bowling alley in the flooded parking lot, lugging treat bags, the cake and gifts.

When it was all over, my daughter expressed her dissapointment about one omitted detail- balloons. Apparently, in the four year-old world, balloons are a staple of birthday parties. Forget the bowling and the hot dogs.

Oh, and in the three year-old world, the princess dress-up outfit must be put together correctly. Yes, Belle and Cinderella are friends, but it doesn't give you license to mix a Belle dress with Cinderella plastic shoes.

Just FYI, to you mothers out there.

I love planning these parties. Sometimes they are simple. Other times we get a little crazy. Like this year.

We discussed the various themes and decided on the luau. This is great because I have already hosted a luau party. I knew just what to do. Grab the Oriental Trading catalog, turn to "luau" and make a list. It was almost as easy as calling the lady in the hairnet.

Decorations are simple. Just a colorful tablecloth and some festive plates and napkins. The menu was a serious topic of discussion. We decided on cupcakes, fruit kabobs, and little smokies. I was going to be authentic and roast a pig in the backyard but something about city ordinances just ruined that idea.

I found the cutest little bendy straws with flamingos on them. I know that flamingos really scream Florida and not Hawaii but, hello, bendy straws!

On a completely random, unrelated thought, this reminds me of a friend I worked with right out of college. She said as soon as she had moved into her first home she was going to buy herself a set of plastic flamingos for the yard just for the total, tacky entertainment value. You know what? She did.

I just wish we were still in touch so I could borrow them for the party.



Just Terrific said...

That sounds like so much fun! How old will your daughter be? I did a "Tropical" themed party for my daughter's HS graduation party....her request. Her older brother teased her about using another theme other than graduation for her party. "Graduation IS the theme", he said. But, I'm sure that you understand how girls are. Guys don't get it.

I, too, ordered a few pink flamingo decorations. I still have them in a box. Too bad we're not neighbors, I'd loan them to you. Southern Ohio is a little ways from you :)

Roxanne said...

We love us some pink flamingos round here. I have a platter purchased for 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby AND an "up-town" yard flamingo that it, in fact, pink mess wire. It's in Victoria's bathroom. If you were not so stinkin' far away, I'd loan them to you. And I know it's a stretch, but if there is a Dollar Tree in your 50 mile radius, they have got pink flamingo party decor and treat bags!!! I can mail them to you. . .