Sunday, June 28, 2009

Frizzy Fun

1. Maggie has survived. Hubs arrived back home for a few days, before returning to Florida with us to continue vacation. This means that now Maggie will go in the kennel and Hubs has the important and dangerous task of taking her there. I'll let you know how that one goes.

2. We are having fun. I didn't learn my lesson about sunscreen from my daughter. So now I officially look like a tourist. Only my shoulders. The rest of me looks like a responsible adult.

3. I can always tell when a family has just arrived at the beach. They run up, dump all of their stuff, take off their shoes and cover-ups and run into the surf with huge grins on their faces. I especially love to watch the little ones. They either run in screaming or run out screaming.

It is precious.

4. Shopping. I am like a kid in a candy store. We've lived in this area before, so I don't have to waste time scouting. Time is precious when you live in SmallTown. You cannot waste a single shopping opportunity.

5. I've had Starbucks nearly every day. It is part of my vacation budget.

6. Although my hair has never been shinier, it is much less manageable. I forgot what frizz is. Now, instead of spending my time moisturizing straw-like locks, I am spending my time smoothing poodle-like fuzz.

I am certain that if God gives us all new hair in Heaven that it will be perfectly lovely.

7. The greatest part about being here is getting away. But, it all makes me think about how, no matter where we are, we always want to get away. This is a real lesson about gratitude and contentment for me.

I hope I can remember this lesson when I get home and miss the humidity and shopping.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


fuzzytop said...

Glad you're having a wonderful vacation, and I agree that seeing kids run screaming into the ocean is entirely delightful!

Hope you have lots more days full of Starbucks and contentment....


Susanne said...

I want to run screaming into the ocean! I've only ever had that experience once in my whole life. Must put that on my to do list!