Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What was your favorite childhood vacation spot?

I mentioned yesterday that a lot of people in the Deep South head to the Florida Panhandle each summer.

Another place my family frequented was the North Georgia and Tennessee mountains. I remember seeing fireflies as the sun went down and wishing I could capture them and take them home.

We visited places like Lookout Mountain, Rock City and the alpine town of Helen. Sticking my feet in the cold Chattahoochee was refreshing in mid-July.

What about you? Where did your family spend summer vacation?

Did you visit the same places each year?

I'd love to read about it in the comments.


pendy said...

I'm an Army Brat so our 'vacations' were always trips back 'home' to see grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles...family reunions were involved...wonderful summer memories.

fuzzytop said...

Well, I live 20 miles from Chattanooga, home of Rock City and Lookout Mountain! But as a kid, we lived in Arizona. My dad taught at Arizona State Univ, and one of the few perks the faculty got was the chance to rent cabins at Camp Tontozona, near Payson AZ, up in the pines and out of the oppressive 120 degree heat. This camp is where the football team held their summer training camps, and on the weeks the football team wasn't there, my dad would often rent a cabin for us. We would play in the creek, and in the trees around the cabins - nothing spectacular, but I loved it! We also went there for Christmas several times, and enjoyed the snow. I remember one year we went and took all four of our cats with us. I don't know how my parents managed that - riding in a car for 2 hours with 5 kids, 4 cats (no pet carriers) - it makes me cringe just picturing it!


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I just stumbled upon your blog and hope you had a fabulous time in Destin. I've stayed at the Sandestin resort and had a great time! I grew up in Northern Virginia so as a child our vacations were mostly educational learning experiences, aside from visits to family our our week in Ocean City, MD every June. We also did the requisite Disney trips ... and now we all live in Florida so we "vacation" every weekend! :)

Carol said...

Good times! We used to go to Panama and Destin a lot. But it got a little too college/high school crazy-ish. So our newest favorite family vacation spot it Myrtle Beach.

Helen is our favorite fall-time spot. It's so fun to walk around the shops in the brisk air with a latte.

Chrissy said...

Oh, I used to love going to Helen with my family. So touristy, so fun. And my dad always made a joke about going to "Helen n' back". Good times.

Ann said...

Every summer we went to my grandparents house for a couple of weeks. They lived in Colorado, so it was a nice trip from Kansas...and we always traveled up to the mountains, which were always nice and cool in mid July!

My favorite vacation was when we went on a long road trip to South Dakota's Black Hills, Canada, Yellowstone, and on to California, then out to Colorado before heading home! It was a great trip with lots of memories!

Susanne said...

We only took a big vacation once every few years when I was growing up. The Okanagon valley in British Columbia was a favorite place and once when I was 10 we went to Hungary to visit all our relatives. On the years we stuck around home there was always a trip to the big city to visit friends and a day trip to the mountains, which we loved.

Gabby said...

We always go to Oak Island, NC for our beach vacations. Every summer, without fail. It is a sleepy, little, family beach with one putt putt (near the Dairy Queen and dip tops!)and it's very low key which I love!

Growing up we had a lake house in Santee, SC and we loved hanging out on our pier, fishing, diving off the board on the end of the pier, making clay figures with mud from the bank, and playing Risk and Monopoly 100 times a day (no TV, no phone, no A/C). We would just talk, fish, and swim. It was blissful!

We also went to Myrtle Beach, but it is totally different now than it was then.
I love Hendersonville and Brevard, NC, and we go there for a mini trip twice a year to hike or pick apples.
I may have over-shared. Sorry. You asked! I love summertime vacations!

Christi said...

When I was a kid, we lived in west Texas and would either go visit my grandparents in New Mexico, or my other grandparents in the Austin area. We did go occasionally to Big Bend or Ft Davis, but those are both also hot and dry.

As a teen, we lived in Mississippi and we would go to Gulf Shores, AL. I still love going to Gulf Shores but its a pretty long trip now from Texas.

2Thinks said...

Childhood vacation spot? Not sure. We camped all over, never went the same place. But after I got married and every year after- my husband's family cottage up north in Michigan- it's still the best and you can see pics of it on my blog if scroll down about three entries or so, we just got back from there.

I gave you a mention over at my blog. Check out the Award to Share entry.