Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's Official

Summer is in full swing, if by full swing you mean staying up late, sleeping in and doing nothing at all during the day, except for spur-of-the-moment fun.

I am starting to feel sorry for Mrs. Ingalls. Her summers were bogged down with thrashing the wheat and putting up vegetables for the long winter. Funny. I just can't picture her collecting ladybugs in a jar.

Yesterday Daughter and I met some friends for coffee. Well, N and I had coffee. The kids had water or milk.

N and I caught up on life. The kids entertained themselves with huge cinnamon rolls and card games and none of them asked to leave until it was time.

If you are a mom, you totally get that last sentence. If you are a mom of preschoolers, please let this be a testimony to what is possible in your future. Just keep the faith.

After coffee time, Daughter ended up going to play with N's daughter, C. The girls played with the dogs, tried to play with the cat, and collected ladybugs in an official bug collecting container.

When I picked her up, Daughter was helping N finish making cupcakes. A mom after my own heart, N let the girls eat the leftover batter from the bowl. YUM.

We said our goodbyes and headed home to collecting more ladybugs in our own yard and silly summer things that we won't remember but loved doing just the same.

I ignored the laundry and the vacuuming. I didn't tell Daughter to clean her room. No one had homework. No one had a test the next day.

Our day ended with us in our pj's, each with a spoon, eating peanut butter from the jar, a jar that may someday become a home to ladybugs or caterpillars or some other creepy crawly thing.

Yep, this is summer.


Susanne said...

Its sounds perfect and entirley lovely and makes me just a little green with jealousy. Because I've had to work even though it was from home, I have never had to "freedom" to sleep in and just go with the flow of the day. Sigh.

Susanne said...

Had to come back to say, not that I'm begrudging you the wonderfulness. I hope it didn't come across that way. I'm just saying it's one of my regrets. Enjoy every single moment of it with your precious girl.

Roxanne said...

We started summer too. Last night on the way home from our church friend's/neighbor's pool (is there ANYTHING better than have a church friend who is also your neighbor AND has a pool AND all their kids are out of college OR NEARLY out of college so they need YOUR kids to come and use the pool?) I told the kids that it was only the second day of summer and we'd already played two board games, had icecream once, been swimming twice, and gone out to eat once. Victoria and I decided to keep a list of summer fun things. . .with TALLY marks (this is the type of thing my girl enjoys) so that at the end of the summer we can look back over to quantify just HOW MUCH FUN we had!

It has things like camp, icecream, snowcones, popcorn, swimming, bike riding, visiting grandparents, friends over to play, sleepovers, Legos, arts and crafts, etc. We've already started with the tally marks.

Susan Skitt said...

Love your posts! Summer is such fun - with a teen going to work at summer camp and a 7 year old staying home with me, it's going to be a different one, thank God I have two sisters with young kids too!

And I liked your fuzzy, cookie dough, mellon flavor teeth story.

You're writing style is easy and relaxed, enjoyed the read for sure!

P.S. Love the simplicity of your blog look, did you do your own header or have someone else design it? I'd like to pare down on my site.

Thanks and have a nice weekend!