Sunday, June 21, 2009

While Mama's away...

As you read this, I have already boarded a plane to sunny Florida where humdity and sand that sticks to me awaits.

Maggie has been spared from the torture chamber (kennel) for a few days. A sweet friend is taking care of her and keeping an eye on the house. I hope we still have a friendship when I get back.

I'm quite certain that one of the Hatfields asked a McCoy to watch their cat for a week while they were at the beach. The Hatfields tried to smooth it over with an alligator ash tray but we all know how that turned out.

I hope to share some great stories of airplane food and other travel fodder with you in a few days.

Say a quick prayer for my friend.

Or that I can find a really cool alligator ash tray.


Susanne said...

LOL. Have a wonderful holiday.

Nancy said...

Skip the alligator ashtray. :)

Maggie enjoyed our visit yesterday although she mentioned that on our visit over the Christmas holidays we came bearing Medleys. I told her it was your fault.

We will bring some cat treats today instead.