Tuesday, July 21, 2009

As I Lay Frying

When Nancy called the other day to ask if Daughter and I wanted to go to the pool with her and C., I hesitated at first. Not because I didn't want to see them. I was just still in my pj's.

I turned and asked Daughter, "Do you want to get ready and go to the pool with C.?"

She, of course, was thrilled and ran off to her room to put on her bathing suit.

I was thrilled at the chance to catch up on things with Nancy. Then I ran off to my room to get presentable, meaning put on my bathing suit, a cover-up, make-up, and hat.

After slathering sunscreen on my daughter, we gathered the rest of our things- towels, water, extra sunscreen... goggles.

"Where are your goggles?"

"I don't know."

"Maybe C. will have some extra ones."

We met up at Nancy's house and I asked if they had any extra goggles. She said they didn't and that the ones they did have needed a new strap. We planned to buy some new ones for the girls when we arrived at the pool.

Apparently, the local pool is an authorized dealer for Olympic Level Goggles because the ones they had started at $15.00. Oddly enough, they looked exactly like the ones I've seen at Wal-mart for half that price.

Nancy and I settled on our lounge chairs in the sun and perched ourselves in the best spot to "get a little color." Meanwhile, my daughter ran up to me constantly so that I could adjust her goggles which never fit quite right. C.'s goggles eventually broke in half.

So the girls just swam without their proper Olympic equipment as we basked in the warmth of our sucker, I mean excellent goggle purchases.

I knew we'd only be there an hour, hour 1/2 tops. Some of the tan I had from our Florida trip had faded, so my bright idea was to sun a little without sunscreen. (Except for on my face. I always protect my face.)

How bad could it be?


Later that night, I could feel the warmth through my old t-shirt. I pulled up my sleeve and revealed my red shoulder. Ouch. I showed Hubs.

"Look. I got burned. I was only out there a little over an hour. I spent nearly half a day on the beach. How could I burn so easily today?"

Hubs explained in his Science Channel voice,"We're at a higher altitude. There's less atmosphere to diffuse the sun's rays."

"Um, yeah."

"Did you wear sunscreen?"

"No. Just on my face, not the rest of me."

"That'll learn ya."

The sensitivity in my household is palpable, along with my lobster-like complexion radiating from my shoulders.

Do you think the pool sells Olympic Level Aloe?


Nancy said...

I believe they do. It is $29.99 a bottle. :)

2Thinks said...

Ouch! Spray Solar-aid- or whatever that stuff is called, it comes in a can- on the burn. Solar-Cain, that's it. It feels cool.

We own stock in several brands of goggles, I'm quite sure. They're all a rip-off.


TRS said...

ooh. I'd forgotten about Solar-Cain.

Cue the music... solar-cain stops sunburn pain... when someone you love is hurting... music fade...

I slather the bucket of aloe on it... helps prevent peeling.

Samething happened to me when I moved to Colorado... A friend took me to her condo in Winter Park for the fourth of July - Winter park is I guess I mile or two closer to the sun than even Denver - The Mile High City.
My arms were tan and I wanted the rest of my body to catch up so I thought I could do what I do in Nebraska (sea level) and put sunscreen on my arms and then do the rest in about 40 minutes.
Yeah... 3.5 miles closer to the sun, you burn to a crisp in 40 minutes.
My chest was all red and leathery like a biker chick!
My friend thought I was nuts. She already knew about Winter Park + Sun.

Heckety said...

Great big sympathetic OUCH!

Susanne said...

Ouch. I'd send a cyber-hug but I don't want to hurt ya!