Thursday, July 30, 2009

You search! I answer!

I've mentioned before how I love to see how people find my blog. The Google searches crack me up.

But I really feel sorry for folks who are in need of important information and click on This Ain't New York, only to find useless tips on how to transport 20 pounds of flour on an airplane or how to live with a cat in her mid-life crisis.

A person's time is her most valuable asset. Well, that, along with good hair.

So I decided to take a few of the most frequent Google searches that bring folks here and try to answer a few of them.

Wink. Wink.

1. "How to look really thin"- I have no idea.

If you find something, please leave a comment. I could use all the help I can get. If your tip includes running, please know that I appreciate your input but the possibility of me sprinting in some New Balance is highly unlikely.

2. "How to unstop a sink"- My guess is that you have found my Works For Me on using a plunger to unstop a sink. Now I've created an entirely new post which will bring you here. Reminder- use a new plunger. And be careful that there are no chemicals in your sink (cleaners) that could splash you in the face.


3. "How to clean sea shells"- I'm your gal. Soak them in a mild solution of bleach water. Rinse well. If you're in a hotel at the beach, soak them in that mouthwash they give you with the shampoo, lotion, and tiny bar of soap.

4. "Do they wear pantyhose in New York?"- I don't know. I hope not.

5. "Paint color Charleston Green"- Not really a question but I have to shout out a huge "YEAH" to you for joining me in my love of all things old and all things Charleston.

6. "Hubcaps at Wal-mart"- If you are looking for hubcaps, I hope your Wal-mart has them. I was out of luck the last time I looked. I still find that ironic.

I mean, what's next? No more cute shoes at Target?

The American tradition is simply slipping away.

My next piece of advice- How To Bathe a Cat or How To Show You Are Completely Insane.


Carpoolqueen said...

I get a lot of weird stuff, too. Mainly because I once mentioned seeing a lot of topless europeans on my vacation. Brought out the weirdos, let me tell ya! (But was a nice increase in my blog stats for the day.)

Susanne said...

Now "How to Bathe a Cat" is definitely one I will tune in for. I'll bet Maggie has given you quite the experiences to share. ;v)

Carie said...

Hey, now, some of us CAN tell you how to bathe a cat! :-) I bathe mine monthly, as that's the only way I can ensure that my daughter doesn't have an allergic reaction. Would you like me to video the next bath? Hee hee!

Love the post. Thanks! I had to laugh!