Friday, July 17, 2009


Wow. This week has been a full one, jam packed with family visits, lots of travel and a bit of angst (not a fav.)

1. Two- I love seeing my niece. Because of the distance, we don't see her as often as we would like. We consider each moment with her a treasure.

2. The unique landscape of The South- While on our trip, I enjoyed the beach, the pines of South Georgia, beautiful rivers of Georgia and South Carolina, and all the summer blooms across the region. I miss "green" here in New Mexico. Being surrounded by crepe myrtles and the many annuals was a treat for me.

3. Searching for bugs- Daughter and I helped my niece look for bugs in Grammy's yard. We taught her about good bugs and bad bugs and where to look for them. Sorry, Grammy, if you start to find all of your flower pots on their side! OOPS.

4. Home- As much as I loved returning to our old stomping ground and seeing family, I love my own bed and bathroom. I also love coming home and cleaning to freshen up the house.

5. This post at the Cafe- I had a tough time writing this. There were numerous technical difficulties, Internet issues and pure writer's block, but it was something that just had to come out. (One of those, I HAVE TO WRITE THIS moments.) I wrote it for myself and maybe other people can relate to it as well.

Here's an excerpt.

"Jackpot!" That's what our family says when we find a special treasure on the beach. Sometimes we discover a sea shell, a sand dollar, or even a barracuda jaw..."

Go to the Internet Cafe for the rest of "Contentment In Christ."

See Susanne for more Friday Faves!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to leave a comment with your Man on The Moon Phrase.


2Thinks said...

I love nieces and nephews. Spent the day with mine, too. I'm off to read your article at the cafe- thanks for sharing these faves.

barbarah said...

I live in SC -- so glad you got to travel around here!! I love the greenness of this area, too. Even though the winter is more barren, there is usually still some green somewhere.

I so agree about coming home! Nothing like it.

ellen b. said...

I'll have to go over and read your piece on contentment. I'm glad you had a visit with your niece and a visit to the the southeast. I always love returning to my own bed! :0)
Have a great weekend...

Susanne said...

I love going places but I do love to get home. Nothing like my own bed.

Brenda said...

I SO agree with you about how wonderful it is to be home and in your bed and bathroom. So comforting.

I enjoyed your post at the internet cafe.

Nice week.

Pamela said...

It's so tough when family members live far away, isn't it? I love to travel, but I do love to come home!

lioncubs said...

I love Texas and was so grateful when my husband finally moved our home to TX! (I do love VA and NY though and could live there if family were close!)

Hope your vacation was great!