Friday, September 04, 2009

Going Down Rabbit Trails

Here's an update of sorts, in completely random order with no literary meaning or entertainment value whatsoever.

I strive for excellence.

SO, Hubs asked me last night, "Are you going to take Maggie to the new kennel?"


"Why not?"

"Because I still have not checked it out and I have too many things to do before we leave, plus Maggie needs her geriatric check-up and I'm sure she is perfectly fine, but what if she's not and I won't know that unless she visits a kennel with a Vet on site, which is what the old one is in OtherTown, so I'll keep things as they are, let them check her and if she is fine and just old, she can stay at the new kennel with the black mailbox next time."

If I had known in elementary school that I could write a run-on sentence one day and put it on the internet, I would have squealed right there in my 1970's desk and then be sent to the office for interrupting my government indoctrination.

But then I would have had no idea what an internet was.

Youth is wasted on the young.

Back to Maggie.

She pops in places when she gets up from her naps. It doesn't seem to bother her but I often wonder if she could use a good dose of Ben-gay, what with all the rheumatism and all. Then again, the ointment would make a terrible mess in her fur.

In unrelated news, the rabbit is back.

I think it could be the same rabbit. How would you know?

Maggie noticed him right away and ran to her room to get her holster. She sat at the backdoor and glared while the rabbit texted his Libertarian friends across the field...

"Furry GOP Nemesis at the door again all puffed up... bet it isn't loaded."

"Big Brother Type in torn yoga pants inside house taking photos and entering information in her computer."

"The State of The Union is in worse shape than I thought. Bortz was right."

Have a good weekend.

Look out for clever cottontails.



Roxanne said...

I know the Black Mail Box Kennel will be soooooooooo sad that Maggie is not coming to set them on end.

Susanne said...

Ah but you do random ordered updates with no literary meaning so well!

Cats get geriatric checkups? Who knew? ;v)