Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Linda's Random Dozen

This is Linda's Random Dozen as opposed to The Dirty Dozen who really didn't eat doughnuts like the ones seen above.

Thanks, Lid!!

1. When you go to Wowmart, what one thing do you get every single time, besides a funky-wheeled squeaking cart full of frustration?

Diet Coke, if it is in stock. For some reason, it is hard to find 6-pack 16. oz bottles of Diet Coke in Smalltown. I get it when I can. (Sadly, I've just revealed my addiction.)

2. What is something that people are currently "into" that you just don't get or appreciate?

Facebook and MySpace. Of course, my friends on Facebook don't get why I blog.

3. What is something that really hoists your sail that other people might feel "ho-hum" about?

Hmmm... I get really excited about elections. This makes me more of a nerd than anything.

4. Favorite song to sing in the shower or car?

Aretha Franklin tunes. The Queen and I go way back. I also play her classic tunes when I am in a terrible mood. Hubs knows this, so when he walks in from work and I'm playing This Is This House That Jack Built he knows that I WAS in a bad mood and that I am currently in a good one. Lucky for him, he also doesn't ask any questions.

5. A really great salad must have this ingredient:

Good dressing. The rest doesn't really matter.

6. Advice in a nutshell to new bloggers (one or two sentences):

Decide ahead of time how much you want "out there." Stick to those guidelines.

Don't get too hung up on how many comments you receive.

7. What was the alternate name that your parents almost named you? Do you wish they had chosen it instead of the one they gave you?



8. What in your life are you waiting for?

To figure out where I "fit" in the writing world.

9. You get a package in the mail. What is it, and who is it from?

A surprise misc. package from my friend T. We used to call each other our "doorstep friend." Now we live across the country from each other. This reminds me, I have a package I need to mail to her.

10. Today--what song represents you?

Legacy by Nicole Nordeman. NOT that I am one, but that I strive to be something and leave something for this world, especially my family.

11. What is one thing that blogging has taught you about yourself?

I am more private than I thought.

I.E. No Facebook

12. How are you going to (or how did you) choose the clothes you're wearing today? What do they say about you in general or specifically how you're feeling today?

I'll end up getting dressed several times. Once for around the house duties and again to take my daughter to horseback riding. I'll change again when I return from hb riding because I often come home smelling like a barn.

So, that's actually three outfits in one day. You'd think I was in high school.

I guess it says I'm too lazy to think ahead for what to wear for an errand later and that I don't like to smell like livestock.

See The Lid for more fun bloggers!


Carpool Queen said...

Loved your list, though I would have to say that bacon truly makes a salad.

Or a meal.

Or a snack.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

How much do I love being called, "The Lid?" -- Don't start FB. You're not missing much, although I do have a page. I have several friends who get excited about elections. If you don't read that carefully, you could get embarrassed. Love #4! I think you are the first person to answer the name question with an actual same-sex name, which is how I intended it. Everyone keeps saying, "Leroy" and so of course they would not choose that name. (That was a bad question, wasn't it.) Lots of good stuff here. Thanks for playing along.

The Greggs said...

Born and raised in Georgia and now in Mexico? Can I come stay with you for a bit?

Heckety said...

That was fun, and kinda thought provoking!

Joyce said...

hopped over from Linda's...

I get excited about elections. In fact I kinda started blogging just after the Presidential election this year because my husband said I needed another place to vent all my many political opinions besides his ear...I originally thought I'd write something deeper on my blog but nah, so far that isn't the way its happened.

Oh, loved your kennel story from the previous post too. Enjoy your trip!

Susanne said...

I never knew you were a diet coke gal. I like Coke but it's got to be the real thing, not the diet stuff. Which is why I don't drink it very often.

I'm not into facebook either though I do like to get on once in a while and see what my kids are up to on there and what embarrassing picture of me they might have tried to sneak on there.

Jewel said...

Do highschoolers really change that many times in a day?? haha. I mean I suppose I did change for sports practice.. and then occasionally into more comfortable clothes when I finally arrived home for the evening.

Facebook is all about knowing and getting all the info.. so if you're a private person, I understand why you wouldn't be too into it.. except you could still dig on others and reveal nothing about yourself! HA.

Heckety said...

I just joined in and posted a Random Dozen- it looked such fun, and it was!

Dena said...

I came over from Linda's...nice to meet you. :) I have an addiction diet coke that I'm currently trying to break, but boy it's tough. LOVE Aretha!