Monday, September 28, 2009


It feels like a sweet forever since I have written a real post. Okay, I've never really written a real post, unless you count all the times I rant about Maggie or quote Seinfeld.

Which would be a lot.

We are almost back into a routine from our trip. Since returning, I have discovered a few things which perplex me. (I love new vocabulary words.)

Who comes in my house and makes it all dirty again while I am gone?

I know that I cleaned it before I left because leaving it messy would cause me a great deal of anxiety, with the fear of dying and all. (The fear is not in the death itself but in people walking in my house and finding it dirty and talking about me and then I'd be flipping in the grave. It's all perfectly rational.)


We lock the doors and turn on all the outside lights to prevent intruders, but somehow they get in and make everything very dusty and, I suwannee, they even mess up the bathroom!

After we unpack I clean the whole house all over again.


Then there's that stuff growing in the refrigerator...

One thing I do love about coming home is looking through the mail. I immediately sort it into piles- bills, catalogs, junk, personal stuff. I like to make a cup of coffee and look through the stack of catalogs all at once. It's the only time I actually look forward to them.

Yep. There's nothing like the feeling of a good Pottery Barn catalog in one hand and a cup of Starbucks (freshly ground at home) in the other.

For kicks, we call up Customer Service and give them the product numbers from Williams-Sonoma.


Have a good week. Don't go getting any ideas.


KK said...

I have to throw those pottery barn catalogues away immediately for my own protection.

Melanie said...

You sound just like me. I love coming home to a large box of mail. That is the first thing that I do is sit down and go through it. I have always loved mail. My husband laughs at me about it. When I am gone and he is home, he never gets the mail. I have to remind him. Also, I have to have the house cleaned too and the toilet lids all have to be down before we leave. I always think if something happened to me, I wouldn't want anyone to come in to a dirty house. Must be a southern thing;)

Heckety said...

Yes I always like getting home again after being away, except when I've been away a day or two without the family, and I return home to their mess and have to start cleaning and tidying. That really gets to me. Returning home all together from a holiday is great though!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the clean-before-we-leave thing. How depressing is it to come home to a messy house?!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the clean-before-leaving. How embarressing would that be?! And how depressing to come home to a messy house!

Roxanne said...

Mine is dirty 'cuz we live there. It needs be hosed down.

Susanne said...

LOL. You are too funny. I'll bet you've been tempted to give those numbers though, haven't you? C'mon, 'fess up.