Tuesday, September 01, 2009

You can't get there from here.

Our family is planning a little trip.

Forgive me if I spare you the details like dates and times and such. Who knows who could be reading this blog and may use the information to rob us. And, while Hubs would love to see my Longaberger baskets go away quietly in the night, I just can't part with all of his rusty tools in the garage.

Of course, with any trip plan comes the arduous task of getting a kennel for Maggie. The last kennel she stayed at must have done something right. The lady said she was "sweet." Either they have some kind of kitty kat kennel powers or the kennel tech is as crazy as Maggie. The down side is that this particular kennel is in another town.

Yes, I have to take Maggie out of town in order to leave her so that I can go out of town.

The kennels here in Smalltown walk a fine line from the pound, so many of us have had to make other arrangements. Until...

A nice couple just opened a new kennel that is getting rave reviews.

When it first opened, it was so brand-spankin'-new and didn't even have a sign out front. It was out in the country, so it was very difficult to find. The kennel is behind the owners' home, so the location is very non-descriptive.

When asked its location, one happy customer said,"Just call ahead and ask the owner to stand in the yard and wave."

I know that's how I find Target.

The kennel has been open a few months and they still do not have a sign. So between word of mouth and waving, new customers are able to find it.

Well, Nancy recently took her cat to the fab kennel and her cat returned happy. This is a sign of a caring, kind facility. Y'all don't know her cat. She is very temperamental.

Yesterday I called and asked Nancy for directions.

Not that I wouldn't love to call ahead and ask the owner to stand in the yard and wave.

Nancy began to give me general directions, but out in the country, you really need specific directions or, you know, a SIGN. Without trees or stores or running water (kidding) there really are very few landmarks unless you count the cars up on blocks or the many chili pepper roasting stands.

So Nancy said she would just send me a picture. I'm not sure what impressed me more, the fact that she had the picture or that she had the forethought to take it in order to give directions to her friends.

I opened my inbox and found a photo of a classic ranch style home, set off from the road and another picture of a black mail box. I was all excited because, hello, it's like a little clue!

I would share the photos with you here but I never know who may be reading this blog and I know the kennel owners like their stuff. And the cats and dogs out back.

Plus, if you look too closely at the photo, you may be able to see the owner. She's the one in the yard waving.



The Farmer's Wife said...

I live in the country, the DEEP country of Eastern Montana. (Most people aren't aware that there's another side to Montana...one without the proverbial mountains.) We give directions like this: Drive north from town for 68 miles, turn between mile marker X and mile marker Z, drive due east about 8 miles until you see the second mailbox (if you haven't already given up) on the south side of the road. We live about a mile down that driveway. See you in about an hour and a half!

This ain't New York, either.

I love your blog! I believe I'm a belle born too far north...about 8 states too far, that is. Anyway, I've been reading and laughing, reading and laughing....

Hope you have a great vacation!

Carpool Queen said...

If you see me out on the road, FLAG ME DOWN! I will obviously be way off course.

Susanne said...

You'll have to let us know how Maggie takes to her new Kitty Hilton.

I'm great with directions in a city but boy get me in the country and I would not only need the lady standing outside waving but I'd probably need her hubby standing on the roof waving a big neon flag. I don't know why I get all kafuffled on country roads.

Kimberly said...

That's how I find Target too, LOL. You are so funny!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I was laughing about the tools, but the mention of the "M" word in the second paragraph stopped me cold and made me sit on the edge of my seat. Yes! It's a MAGGIE story! Oh, I can't wait to hear how this turns out.