Monday, September 14, 2009

Then again, monogramming would be a lot easier.

We were out shopping for shoes today.

As my daughter tried on a pair of tennis shoes, she said with a giggle, "Daddy said you almost named me Reebok."

"Reebok, huh?" I said, shaking my head.

"Yep, Reebok."

"Honey, that's why the mama signs the birth certificate," I answered, as we put her brand new shoes in their box and made our way to the register.

It's a good thing she is slowly "getting" our family's sense of humor or she could be scarred for life.

Other parents are saving for college. I'm saving for therapy.


Sande said...

Therapy's gotta be a lot more interesting

KK said...

Maybe save equally for both? :)

2Thinks said...

Funny post. I'll share my new shoes with ya, come see me, I have a pic of them on the post entitled Project 365-#4. Pic at the end.

Tari said...

Oh no, I think we're ALL saving for therapy!

My SIL used to say she was saving for bond money, but decided there might be too much self-fulfilling prophecy in that statement and decided to stop. I dunno - her second child ... :)