Monday, May 31, 2010

How Do You Remember?

Do you wave your flag in front of your home

Wear a lapel pin or an Old Navy t-shirt

Do you sip a slurpee or a snow cone

While waiting for your neighbor to grill you a dog

Do you hit the sales for all of the deals

Stop in at Wal-mart for some patriotic cookies

Do you buy a swimsuit in red, white and blue

And wait in the long line, thumbing through People

Do you drive past the cemetery

See the tiny flags waving in the wind

Do you think about the ones who rest

Beneath the decorated graves

Do place your hand on your heart

When the anthem plays

Do you exercise your right to vote

The one that they protect

Do you honor them for their sacrifice

While you enjoy the freedoms they provide

Do you remember

That they are the ones who died to keep your freedom alive

No matter how you choose to remember this Memorial Day- during a ceremony, a trip to Wal-mart, or time with friends in celebration of our many freedoms, take a moment to honor the fallen and to thank the ones still with us who fight for our country each and every day.

God Bless Our Troops.


Mary said...

Indeed. Without them we wouldn't enjoy the freedoms we enjoy today.

Ashlee said...