Monday, May 24, 2010

If he was Spongebob the arm would have just grown back.

Things are a little busy at our house.

So, pardon me as I resort to lists and clever online quizzes this week.

1. Every time The Fugitive is on, I am compelled to watch it, even though I know he will eventually find the One Armed Man and realize he was betrayed by a friend.

Don't get mad at me for revealing the plot. If you haven't seen it by now (the original or the remake,) you must live under a rock or something.

2. The Fugitive is on as much as Spongebob.

3. Which makes it great because I can switch between them during commercials.

4. A few other movies I am compelled to watch, no matter how many times I've seen them or when they are on:

Bridges of Madison County
Dirty Dancing
A League of Their Own
Fried Green Tomatoes
Top Gun
Sleeping With The Enemy

To name a few.

5. What about you? What movie can't you resist?

6. Here's another question for you-

Harrison Ford or Tommy Lee Jones?

I'll give you my answer in the next post. :>)


Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but even though I own quite a few DVDs, I still find myself watching the same movies, commercials and all, if they come on TV. I am a glutton for punishment, I guess.

Movies that make me stop in my track are Grease, Footloose, Air Force One, and Independence Day. These seem to come on all the time, and I often find myself watching parts of the same movie several days in a row. I eventually get to see the whole movie, albeit in bits and pieces.

For the record, I choose Harrison Ford. Love the Indiana Jones movies!!

Roxanne said...

Add Pretty Woman, Field of Dreams, and While You Were Sleeping to the list. The only one I can't do on your list is "Sleeping with the Enemy." I would watch PARTS of it. . .but not the whole thing.

And you SERIOUSLY have to ask???? Tommy Lee Jones???? Ppppfffttt.

Harrison Ford. . .hands down.

Nancy said...

For me it's When Harry Met Sally or City Slickers because Billy Crystal ALWAYS makes me laugh. However, those movies aren't on nearly as much as the ones my husband always seems to find...Black Hawk Down, Van Helsing, or any of the Die Hard movies.

TOMMY LEE JONES!! He went from fugitives to aliens to cheerleaders and WOWed them all, and me too.

Amy said...

Any of the Vacation movies...gotta watch them and still laugh out loud until I cry.

Ranelle said...

I love, love, love Dirty Dancing. I found clips on YouTube one night and wasted much time sighing over them. I like to randomly tell my hubby, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner," just to see him roll his eyes.

Definitely Harrison Ford. Hello! Hans Solo, Indiana Jones, and the President of the United States rolled into one!

Carpool Queen said...

Harrison Ford. Hands down. Or up. Or wherever.

I'm sorry, I think my filter is off.

ANYWAY, if I'm slipping channels I always stop for Pretty Woman, American President, and You've Got Mail.

Carpool Queen said...

And that should be "flipping".

I'm sorry.

I was thinking of Harrison Ford.

Regina said...

I love Sleeping with the Enemy too! I also rewatch over and over again:

Thelma and Louise
Where the Heart Is
Death Becomes Her