Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nine Across- Where are my keys?

I am the kind of person who would be a prime candidate for one of those home improvement shows called "Put Stuff In Shoe boxes" or "Do You Know Where Everything Is?" I am what I call "Functionally Organized." This means that I can function on the level of organization existing in my house.

For example, if my husband asks where something is located, I simply stop in my tracks, squint my eyes really tightly, then point into the general direction of the object, and report its whereabouts. About nine times out of ten I get it on the first try.

Also, I do not make lists, except for when shopping at the grocery store. I hate lists. I have no idea why. I was never traumatized as a child by a list. But, for some reason, they make me nuts. So, when I have chores or errands to do, I head out of the house without a list.

One day my mother-in-law and I were discussing this. She is a list maker. She enjoys the satisfaction of checking off tasks that have been completed. I shared with her my dislike for lists but that I am organized in my mind.

Stop laughing. Those who know me are literally pulling themselves up from the floor hysterical with giggles. Guffaws really. Most of them know that I am what some would call borderline crazy. I call it full blown crazy, but I digress.

Thus, I am compelled to begin those mental exercises like crossword and logic puzzles that are supposed to prevent Alzheimer's disease. But, before I do, I think I'll just blog.

So please support the "OOMM" (Organization Of My Mind.) Read my blog. Comment. My family is depending on it. If I lose my mind, I lose everything- literally.

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boomama said...

I'm supporting the OOMM - and will continue to do so. :-) But I'm a total OCD listmaker. Seriously, how do you grocery shop?