Monday, June 26, 2006

Sweet Love

There are three words that make every Southern girl's heart skip a beat, her knees turn to mush, and her foot slam on the break pedal.

Hot Doughnuts Now.

I was in the drive-thru at the pharmacy tonight picking up a prescription. When I rolled down the window, I thought to myself, "I smell doughnuts!" The delicious aroma was coming from the Krispy Kreme next door and (you know it, girls!) that red neon sign was on!

When I was a child, it didn't matter what time of day or night it was, if my family passed the Krispy Kreme and "Hot Doughnuts Now" was lit up, my parents would always stop for a treat. It was just something you did. It didn't matter if you had just finished off a seven course meal and your polyester pants were about to pop. Hot Doughnuts Now! I mean, come on!

So, you can imagine what I did after leaving the drug store. My first question at the drive thru was, "What's hot?" After all, that's why I stopped! So, I got what's hot- classic glazed- and my favorite custard filled chocolate. A hot glazed doughnut just melts in your mouth. And, because you are technically moving as you drive the car, most of the calories are burned off before you get home.

Krispy Kreme used to only be a southern thing. The business began years ago in North Carolina and was primarily found only in the Southeast. The wonderful news is that now you can enjoy Krispy Kreme almost everywhere (even in New York!) But, don't buy them at the grocery stores or gas stations. They just aren't fresh.

So, if you are traveling and see those three sweet words shining in the night, brake hard, make a u-turn, and stop for a treat. But, be sure to ask, "What's Hot?"


Meg said...

Yes, oh dear god yes. I live near one of the original Krispy Kremes. Yes, oh sweet jesus yes. Ever try Paula Deen's Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding recipe?

boomama said...

Fellow chocolate-custard-filled-aholic right here.

I tried to find your blog last weekend, but I think I didn't put all the right dashes in all the right places. Love love love your subheadline...

One of Charlie's Angels said...

We lived in the Northeast for one year, and they didn't have Krispy Kreme. So, my children were not allowed to have doughnuts. They would ask and I would just say lets get a cookie because they aren't Krispy Kreme and are not worth it! So, we were very excited to get back to the land of Krispy Kreme and now we can enjoy the "Best Hot Doughnuts in the World".

Susanne said...

"because you are technically moving as you drive the car, most of the calories are burned off before you get home." I will from now on have doughnuts in a moving car! Thanks for the tip!! ;D

The nearest Krispy Creme is 2 hours away from us. When our school uses them as a fund raiser everybody buys.

Anonymous said...

Again, better late than never, but you better get used to this as I'm working my way up through the posts.


Your post reminded me of the time when the Mr. (i.e. my dh) and I were still newly married. We had one car and had to drop one person off at work before the other headed to work with the car.

Anyhoo...we decided, on a whim, to stop by Krispy Kreme, and of course, the donuts were hot. We each got a dozen intending to share them with our respective offices.

About ten minutes after we got to work, one of us called the other...

"Hello. How many donuts do you have left?"

"Um, none?"

"Yeah, me too."

Um, embarrassing, eh? heehee