Thursday, February 07, 2008

If I could write a clever post, this would not be it.

Would someone call up the pollen people and inform them that it is only February? My sinus cavities would be eternally grateful.

This morning I got in the car and saw that the dust on the windshield was a pale gold. After a few swishes of wiper fluid, the dust became a paste. Lovely and Allergenic.

I just took my Advil Cold and Sinus and I am awaiting the moment when my sinuses will open up and the voices from heaven will sing songs of joy.

On another note, something is awry with my laptop. It types the letter "l" without my input. I think the CIA has tapped into my computer and the letter "l" is some kind of secret code for a secret signal to you Internets out there. The word "Lame" comes to mind.

It looks like the Advil Cold and Sinus is starting to kick in.

And, on yet another note, may I just say that the election '08 just gets more and more interesting. Interesting to those of us who have aspired to own a set of Encyclopedia Britannica.
I really should come up with a clever slogan for this year's presidential election.

Whatever it is, it will most likely begin with the letter "l."


PJ said...

not to be sounding all wise or anything, but have you tried a combination of histamine 2 blockers (the usual claritin-D or allegra-D for allergies) PLUS the less used Histamine 1 blocker -- such as Tagamet or Pepcid AC. These latter OTC meds are more often used for stomache upset. But I find when my allergies get really bad, I add Tagamet to my usual Allegra and it provides immense relief. Just a thought. Doctors won't usually tell you this...I got the info from a nurse friend. (We were on a mission and I was keeping everyone awake by coughing half the worked like a charm.)

Roxanne said...

Great twist on your computer malfunction there at the end. Hope your sinuses feel better soon.
There's just nothin' like spring in the south where neon green rivers flow after the rains.

Anonymous said...

I live in GA too, and I thought the same thing about pollen. My allergies have already kicked in, to the point that I had an allergy-accident! I felt like a potty-training 2 yr old, only it was my nose! Found your blog from BooMama...I've enjoyed it!


Karen said...

My brother describes his current ailment - electile dysfunction - as the lack of excitement about any of the candidates running for president.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Some people who write begin every sentence with "I" on purpose! Allergies. Ugh. I've heard about the gold dust in the South before. It would kill me. Feel better but stay funny.

Susanne said...

Oh your poor sinuses! Hope the advil kicked in with a vegengence against those symptoms.