Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who's in charge here?

Maggie is back from her Paris trip and she's wearing Prada.

Today I was on the phone in deep conversation with a friend. I was sitting at the kitchen counter which is only about three feet from the kitchen table. I turned around and there was Maggie-lounging on the kitchen table on my nice Williams-Sonoma tablecloth, grooming herself.

I yelled,"Maggie!!" right in the ear of my friend. (She totally knows Maggie and was not surprised.)

Maggie barely paused between licks to look up at me in wonder. She didn't even flinch until I yelled again for her to "GET DOWN! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!"

I yelled in all caps.

I'm telling you, if she keeps this up, we're putting her in a home.

1 comment:

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Cats are always in charge. Always. We are simply their servants, and only tolerated because we control the food.

But surely you knew that already.