Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blue Light Special

We have many educational moments while riding in the car. Maybe it is because I have my daughter's attention or because there are so many things to see that prompt a question. We have worked on reading using road signs, colors using traffic lights, and I have even taught my daughter a few traffic laws.

Yesterday we were waiting at a red light and my daughter asked,"Mommy, why do cars have to have license plates?"

I didn't even try to explain paying taxes. She is just now starting to understand sales tax. But I did tell her that when a policeman is about to pull someone over, he calls a person on a little radio, reads the license plate number, and then he knows who is supposed to be driving the car. If the driver is dangerous or has done something really bad, he knows to take them to jail.

Then she asked, "How does he pull them over?"

So, I explained the blue lights, the siren, and so on, and that everyone should pull to the right if a policeman is behind them with his lights and siren on. Most of the time, if a person is speeding or has run a stop sign or something, and they see those lights, they will know the policeman is trying to pull them over. Then, the policeman gives the person a ticket, and it isn't a good ticket like for the fair or the carnival.

She said,"No way! It's not a ticket to Disney World!"

I laughed, of course, and chalked that one up for another educational moment in the car.

We have always taught our daughter that policemen are the good guys. I have never threatened to "call the policeman over" when she has misbehaved in a store. I really hate that. I want her to respect the police and not be afraid. They are her friends, especially if she is ever in trouble and needs help.

That being said...

Today my husband picked her up from school. He must have been listening intently to the exciting details of our daughter's day, because he totally missed the speed limit sign. (I'll just assume that is what happened. :>))

You guessed it. He checked the mirror and had a lovely squad car offering a police escort over to the side of the road.

My daughter realized what was happening and said, "Who is going to take me home?"

Hubby said, "I will."

After a polite conversation with a deputy sheriff, my husband received his present- a nice, fat ticket. And, no, it wasn't to Disney World.

When it was all over, my daughter said,"I'm hot."

Hubby replied, "Well, I'll just turn on the air conditioning."

She said,"No. I was sweating. I was scared he was going to take you to jail."

Another educational moment in the car. And a reminder that Mom and Dad need to explain things a little more clearly. And slow down.

I'm just glad it wasn't in a construction zone where "workers are present." :>)))


Nancy said...

Poor Hubby,
What a welcome home gift, huh? Nice that he had the day off to take her to school though.
I remember being pulled over for speeding in Andalusia with both kids. Fortunately, he got called away before he had written the ticket. The kids were nervous though. I bet they still can tell you all the details.

Terri said...

This is too funny! I was just asking him if he remembered when we were little and a police car would be behind us and mom would say "Don't look at him!". I guess the sure tell sign of a felon on the run is a five and six year old looking at the cop out the back window.