Friday, September 15, 2006

There should be some sort of Project Runway Anonymous or something.

I think I have watched too much Project Runway.

Last night, I dreamt that I was on the Today show and I won a design contest. My model was Naomi Campbell. The winning outfit was pink and Naomi's make-up was pink. As part of the contest, I was able to design my very own signature perfume which was, yep, pink.

In the dream, I was hanging out with my gal pal Naomi, sitting in a director's chair with Ann and Matt. I phoned all of my relatives from the show to tell them I had won.

More proof that I have become too involved in PR-

Tears started to well up in my eyes when Laura won the other night. I am one of her biggest cheerleaders since she announced her pregnancy, although, I would like to see her wear something besides that black dress. Do any of you southern girls out there join with me in the joy that Laura has protected that porcelain skin from the sun? I think she must be southern somewhere in her background- tan free and coral red lipstick.

I would like to see Laura win, but I have a feeling the winner will be Michael. The judges act like it's Christmas every time Michael's model struts the catwalk. (He is very talented.) To paraphrase Michael Kor's comments on Michael's designs- "Oh, I love the way he thinks about everything." I never knew fashion designers minored in philosophy.

Maybe Laura will end up designing a fabulous line of maternity wear. She can appreciate the need for comfortable and fashionable clothes. Goodness knows expectant mothers would love to see something in the stores besides big bows and those awful t-shirts that have a huge arrow and the word "Baby"- like we couldn't figure that out.

My bet for next week- Uli is voted off. I'd like to see Jeffrey go. Too much attitude. What do you think?


Big Mama said...

I wish Jeffrey would go, but I bet you're right. It will be Ulli.

What are we going to do when PR is over?

Magi said...

Couldn't resist delurking to comment on PR. Love Michael. Detest Jeffrey. Wish he would go away and soon. I'd rank them Michael, Ulli, then Laura.

Susanne said...

Sure wish I knew what you were talking about but alas, I don't watch PR. Now if you wanna talk Survivor, Amazing Race, American or Canadian Idol, I'm your gal.

Nancy said...

I didn't know you were a fan. It has definitely been my mainstay this summer.

I think the final three will be Michael, Laura and Jeffrey. Personally, I love Uli's clothes, but she isn't that exciting or controversial.

If you love PR, watch Top Chef. I am so excited that it is about to start.

Melanie said...

I like Uli's clothes too, but I think the judges would like to see her broaden her look, as they would Jeffrey too. I think Laura finally did. Michael already seems to be able to adjust to the challenges.