Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Towanda is back and she's got her big girl pants on!

Look out, world! Here I come!

This is the kind of day I have been having...

This morning while I was turning left with a green arrow, a man pulled out in front of me. He had a red light, mind you, and he was waving his arms muttering something at me. Thankfully, we did not have an accident. I was able to brake early enough to avoid hitting him.

I was driving my daughter to school, and for some reason when she is in the car with me I take my driving and that of others very seriously. I go into Mama Lion mode. I am like, "Bring it on, honey." This morning's driving incident was no different, ok it was a little different.

I promise you that all I had to drink was regular Folger's coffee and that I am not on hormones, stimulants, or any other mind altering drug. But, for the love of Pete, when that man pulled in front of me, all I wanted to do was rear end that old Honda with my Camry.


And, the ironic thing about it is that I felt quite calm.

It wouldn't have bothered me so much if 1) My daughter had not been in the car, 2) I was not turning on a green arrow, and 3) He had not started flailing his arms and muttering at me.

I realize this hit and run method of coping is not the most Christian way to react to things. But, I have to be honest with you. The temptation was there; I just didn't give in.

All I could think about was Towanda and how she hit that little VW bug in the Winn Dixie parking lot over and over. It was priceless. I could just see myself coming home and telling my husband about it.

"Melanie, what I can't understand is how you hit someone six times by accident."

"Oh, no. You've got it all wrong. I hit that guy's car on purpose."


"Because I am the Mama Lion. And he was getting mouthy."

Yes, this is completely not how Christ would respond. Not to mention, it is insane. Sometimes I think it helps to share that we are not perfect, we do not always walk in love, and we do not always bear the kind of fruit that would glorify God. What matters is that now I have to choose the right way to grow from this experience.

Today was a reminder of why I need to stay in God's Word, listen closely to His Voice, and strive to walk and sometimes drive in The Spirit.


Susanne said...

Funny! I can't say I've ever had that reaction. I just mouth off out loud. Not swearing, just telling them off. Which is just as bad. I guess I need to go get in the Word more too!

Grafted Branch said...

I agree with you COMPLETELY! Um....about the being honest...not so much the hitting him 6 times by accident. lol.

It is helpful to know that others have not been perfect today, but that in recognizing that they have captured those thoughts to Christ, or chosen to walk by the Spirit, or repented, or whatever was the God-honoring thing to do.

Great story, thanks for writing it.