Friday, September 29, 2006

A Pedicure and a Hardee's Biscuit

Can I just say that I will have that pedicure now?

We are getting ready to sell a home while simultaneously living in a rental. Not fun. Especially if there have been renters in said home. I have been painting, cleaning, painting, cleaning, you get the picture. My husband has also been doing minor repairs.

To any honest property managers who may be reading this- God Bless You. Hold your head up high and keep up the good work. Because, in your line of work, I have found that you are a rare jewel.

Do you sense any hostility or sarcasm? You do? You are quite intuitive.

All that being said, I have learned a lot from this experience. Besides the fact that I hope to never ever, not in this millennium or in any other, be a landlord ever again, I have learned that God is in control. Not me. I've also learned to appreciate what I have been given, to value what God has provided for our family, and to always keep track of paint colors. :>)

This morning I dropped my daughter off at school and headed to Lowe's. I was looking my best, in my husband's t-shirt, old shorts, comfy shoes, no make-up and did I already say no make-up? I did? Well, it wasn't pretty.

I can clean up all purty like with the best of them, but, when I ain't made up, I ain't made up. Let's just say it could frighten children and small mammals. I figure if I am going to Lowe's and then headed off to paint, sweat (not perspire), and paint some more, who cares? Right?

I don't know about ya'll, but I have made many a morning trip to Wal-mart dressed in a t-shirt, shorts or sweats, and nary a smidgen of make-up. Most mornings I run into other moms with the same attire. We just nod our heads at one another as we pass each other's carts, sipping our latte's from Starbucks. If you go early enough and wear tennis shoes, you can at least give off the illusion that you are headed to the gym later. After about 9:00 AM, you just look like a slob. This is a secret most women don't know. Consider yourself INFORMED.

As bad as the moms look at Wal-mart in the morning, the men at Lowe's look much worse. Remember- I had not styled my hair, but I had at least combed it. Not so for the male shoppers at Lowe's. But, I did feel quite comfortable knowing that I had not under dressed for my shopping experience.

While waiting for my paint to be mixed and shaken, not stirred, I started up a conversation with a man also waiting for paint. He was dressed as um, "nicely" as I was, and he was sipping his coffee (as was I). But the men at Lowe's have a secret we women at Wal-mart don't know about- They have the good sense to buy their coffee at Hardee's and use the rest of their money for a biscuit.

Now, why didn't I think of that?

Seriously, whether you are getting a "skinny, triple, venti mocha" or a "light, double, organic cappucino", there really is no telling how many gazillion calories are in that recycled cup. And, hello ladies, $4.00 for liquid? And we complain about gas prices?

I have decided that it makes much more sense to buy a strong cup of Joe and a biscuit at Hardee's. Or I could just go to Krispy Kreme for coffee and my all time favorite chocolate custard filled doughnut, instead of drinking a liquid doughnut from a place that has the word "bucks" in the name.

So, to the disheveled, unkempt, male shopper in the NASCAR t-shirt at Lowe's- thanks for the tip.

Now to that pedicure...


Tammy said...

Too funny..."bucks" in the title...and I haven't gotten one in a while, but the Krispy Kremes here sells a mean cup of coffee (mean as in...yummy)! But we're in the northwest...don't know how that coffee is "down south'! ;)

Susanne said...

LOL to bucks in the title! You just never know what you'll learn at Lowe's!

Nancy said...

Well, I get the most boring Starbucks coffee in the world...grande skim one Splenda latte. (I would get decaf, but that's just one too many words to put in the phrase.) I did get a pumpkin cream cheese muffin last week and it was MIGHTY yummy. I wish they would leave off the pumpkin seeds though.

I used to love Hardees biscuits, but they aren't the same. Or maybe I'm not the same.

I sympathize with the double rental/sale junk. I aspire to never be a landlord again, but you should never say never.

I use the workout look in the AM when I walk the kids sometimes.

Lauren said...

I bought 2 lbs of the yummiest hawaiian hazelnut coffee beans the other day at Sam Club for $12.00. That alone makes it kinda hard to pay $4.00 for a cup. But a donut sounds pretty good right now.

mouse said...

We bring the coffee from home in our carry with you cups and that way we can get an extra biscuit as one is never enough. If you do make it to Hardy's try the biscuits and gravy. YUM!!!

Also those little breakfast cups from Krystals are a really good breakfast.

lrlwreath said...

Yummm now I am hungry. You crack me up, I was laughing the whole time reading this.