Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Meme for Kids

I was tagged for the Snapshot Meme by Laurel Wreath. The purpose of the meme is to found out something about your kids that you may not know. You might be surprised by their answers. Here is what my little girl said-

1.Something I Do Well- "I'm good at drawing and doing cartwheels."

2.Something I'd Like to Improve On- "Doing handstands."

3.My Favorite Food-"grapes (she is eating them right now), and fish"

4.Three Words that Best Describe-"very nice, funny, loves animals" side comment- "Why are you doing this?"

5.My Happiest Moment- "My first loose tooth."

6.The Most Important Thing in my Life Now- "everybody and every animal"

7. Then to the moms: Were you surprised by any of the answers? I was surprised about the loose tooth. But I also remember that it had become sort of a contest to see who had the most teeth missing in her class. I wasn't surprised about the animal answers. She was very interested in why I was doing this, so I told her we were playing trivia. :>)

Now tag someone with interesting, hilarious, mysterious or spunky children! I tag Big Mama.


Susanne said...

Awwww, a cartwheeling, grape eating lover of animals! A girl after my own heart! How sweet is she?!

lrlwreath said...

Love it!!!! I love grapes too!