Friday, October 06, 2006

Acts of Kindness Could Not Be More Random

Don't try to connect these. They can't be connected. There really is no telling the fireworks display between neurotransmitters in my brain.

1. In the car today, "Mommy, the name Sasha reminds me of mashed potatoes."

2. Yesterday I was wondering if the FedEx guy and the UPS guy ever drag race.

3. If blogs crossed:

Big Mama + Boo Mama= Big "Boo Boo" With A Cool Band-Aid

This Ain't New York + Living To Tell The Story= Niagara Falls

Laurel Wreath + Grafted Branch= Lovely Natural Floral Arrangement

Created for HIS Glory + The Ultimate Creator= When We All Get To Heaven :>)


Susanne said...

I can see your wheels turning now! :vD

All gave me a good giggle but I gotta say I love "Big BooBoo" the best! LOL!

Anonymous said...

You are sooo funny, now I know what you do while driving...thinking of all these funny combination. I love your mind.

Tammy said...

Heehee... too the big booboo and the drag races!

Anonymous said...

Very cute...

Cheryl said...

You might need to turn the radio on. It might keep your brain from wondering so! LOL
I'm going to ask the next UPS or FedEx guy that comes in, then I'll let you know.
Interesting and hilarious blog crossings!! I laughed at Big Boo Boo and loved "When We All Get To Heaven".
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.....I think.