Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thirteen Words and Phrases from Project Runway: Season 3

1. Serious Ugly

2. Boring

3. Really Fun Print

4. Pageant Dress

5. Couture du Jour

6. Make it work!

7. Angela and Jeffrey

8. Angela's mom

9. Auf

10. Rosettes

11. My design is the bomb.

12. One day you're in, and the next day you're out.

13. Please leave the runway.

Nancy and BooMama- You are right. No way I could quote Vincent on here. I care about you too much. ;>) Some things just aren't worth repeating.


Susanne said...

#13 is bringing all sorts of scenarios to my mind! :vD

What is auf?

Tammy said...

OK, I know you and Big Mama cannot get enough of this show, but I just haven't seen the whole thing. *ducking* But I'm laughing just reading these top 13 auf french for awful?

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about this show, I may have to check it out =))

BooMama said...

Thank you for not quoting anything that Vincent said.

Because then I would have to throw up.


Melissa said...

How could you possibly forget "Designers, I have an announcement to make." ?!? ;->

I came into the show mid-season, but I am HOOKED (and it's all BooMama's fault)!

Nancy said...

If I know you, you couldn't put Vincent's comments on your FFBR! He was such a jerk last night. I can't wait for the finale!