Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's A Meme, But Not Really

I am calling this post Totally Confused Tuesday.

It isn't really a meme, but it sounds like one. I was thinking about things in life that totally baffle my little, lost mind. And, of course, most of this profound cognition was in the car. It is amazing that I actually can keep my mind on the road, since it is usually wandering to other places.

1. When I put things in the recycle bin on my computer, do they end up in cyberspace on someone else's computer? Perhaps as a better, more well-written post?

2. If designers only use anorexic models, then how do they know that their clothes will look good on regular women? Ahem, they don't. So, why do they make fun of us and come up with these low rider jeans and terms like "muffin top?"

3. Why doesn't Martha Stewart ever trim her bangs?

4. If the chef at a fine restaurant uses substitutes in his recipe, then shouldn't my meal be cheaper?

5. Why can't toothpaste have an opening at both ends?

6. If you go to a buffet place for a birthday party, do they put a sneeze guard over the cake before you blow out the candles?

7. I think Santa must be diabetic by now.

8. Before the light bulb, I wonder if people had "candle moments."

9. Why does cat food come in flavors like "tuna, chicken, and shrimp?" Shouldn't it be "rat, squirrel, and bird?"

10. Why does everyone care about some guy named Jimmy Hoffa? I'm still looking for Waldo.


Susanne said...

Oh my, this is scary. Someone else who thinks like me. LOL especially at #1, 7 and # 9. You're too funny!

Nancy said...

You might be onto something with the toothpaste. Patent it quick! (Be sure the kids don't take off both tops at once!)

Anonymous said...

You are cracking me up! Too cute.

Linda said...

Hey, this is pretty ingenius stuff! You are funny! I've been enjoying your posts.