Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pillsbury Dough, Plastic Stemware, and Two Giggly Girls

Tonight, my daughter and I dined alone- just the two of us. Sometimes my husband's job doesn't always allow him to be home at dinner. We cherish the nights we are able to sit down together for a meal, but sometimes it is nice to have "just the girls."

For tonight's meal, my daughter and I made pizza. I did not make the dough myself; the little doughboy made it for me. My friend Nancy would probably be twirling her dough up in the air, pounding it, then twirling it again... until it fell in the dog food (but that's another post!)

Ours was a simple pie with the canned dough, bottled sauce and ziplock pre-shredded cheese. My, that does not sound good at all once I write it out! The point was to make it together, be messy, and just have fun. We had salads complete with croutons- a must for my daughter. The best part was our very refined sparkling raspberry/grape juice which we sipped from the most exquisite "glasses"- plastic stemware which is actually intended for the patio. But, hey, I am not letting my child drink from the wedding crystal. Not yet.

She thought it was very special, bubblies and all, and it was kind of nice. Just mom and daughter. Lots of giggles and cheese stringing from our mouths.

Very refined indeed. ;>)


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

This is so sweet! I'm so excited about my future mother/daughter "dates." (And I love your new look, by the way!)

Big Mama said...

Aww, that's so sweet.

Melissa said...

Great idea! We have "Girl Time" for one week a month, because of my husband's shift. I'll have to try that.

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing my culinary faux pas with the blogosphere! Just kidding; I don't mind. BTW, just because I ate that pizza doesn't mean I would have served it to anyone else. :) I dusted "auf" the dry dogfood dust and it was just fine. I figured the 450 degree oven killed the germs and it WAS dry dogfood. Okay, now I have really grossed everyone out....sorry.

Melanie said...

Nancy- I never said you actually cooked and ate it. You just incriminated yourself, girlfriend! LOL ;>)

Mommy Dearest said...

My mom and I always commented about how in pizza commercials everyone smiled, laughed, and had cheese stringing from their mouths. Stringy cheese is the ultimate sign of a happy pizza experience, ya know!