Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thirteen Things I Love About My Husband

My husband is having outpatient surgery on his knee today (thursday), so please be in prayer for him. In honor of him, I want to share 13 things that I love about him.

1. He has always made me laugh. Not with normal, everyday humor, but with off the wall and sometimes, just odd humor. Hmmm... says a lot about me too.

2. He is the most wonderful Daddy. I say Daddy and not Father. Daddy is just a special word reserved for the best, loving and fun ahem Daddy's in the world. And, to a Southern girl like myself, a Daddy is always Daddy- even if you are 40 years old. I bet my daughter will call my husband Daddy for the rest of her life, too.

3. I respect my husband. Sadly, I don't think some women do.

4. He respects me. (And I try hard not to lose that)

5. He loves and respects God. Ok- Can I say that I should have listed this as #1?!

6. He's smart. We can actually debate each other and laugh later.

7. He is my best friend.

8. He washes the dishes without complaining.

9. He eats my cooking, too. Even the biscuits I made when we first married- the ones where I used plain flour in instead of self-rising. Can you say Hockey Puck? I got up from the table and made another pan. Oh, yes I did.

10. He took me to a Yanni concert, even though the guys at work made fun of him. That is how he is- giving. He remembers little things I have mentioned that I love. (like the wooden cigar Indian- he would soooo get me one if he found it)

11. He accepts that I am not perfect. He puts up with my many moods, my migraine headache days, and all of the little perks and quirks I have- like the post office, the library, and so on.

12. He gave me a kitten as a present- Maggie. We saw her while visiting the shelter one day. He went back and got her days later and brought her home. She was so tiny and unhealthy. She meowed all the way home, and she hasn't shut up since.

13. I know that I can live the rest of my life with him. What an honor.

I hope my thirteen wasn't too sappy for ya'll. I do have feelings, ya know. LOL


Southern Girl said...

Aww, this was a beautiful TT! He sounds like a jewel -- hope everything goes well for him in surgery.

I quite agree with you on #2. I'm about to turn 38 years old and my daddy is as much Daddy as he was when I was three. Not long ago on some messageboard or blog, a woman said something about how she hates to hear grown woman call her father "Daddy," that it sounded childish. I thought to myself, "Guess we know where YOU aren't from." ;)

Nancy said...

what a lovely tribute. I'm praying for him. You guys complement each other so well. Maybe I should do a list like this about my hubby, just to remind myself...

Susanne said...

Love it, love it, love it! And he took you to a Yanni concert!? Awesome!

Julie said...

This was the sweetest Thursday 13 I've ever read. What a guy!

Praying your hubby recovers quickly!

Shannon said...

How sweet:) I read often but don't comment much...I just had to jump out of lurkerland to tell you I named my kitten Maggie, too:> Was your's a cat on a hot tin roof tribute, too?

Cheryl said...

Awwww. And I bet you could think of 13 more reasons in a jiffy!

Anonymous said...

Praying for him. I hope all went well .

Grafted Branch said...

Sounds like a g-r-e-a-t guy...but Yanni? ;)