Thursday, January 04, 2007

More Good News

First, let me say a big ole "thank you" for all of the sweet Mama comments about my daughter's exquisite writing abilities. AHEM... LOL

Alrighty then. Mama would be proud. A real bona fide, virtual thank you note via the internet.

I do have other news to share. Just have to get the Miss Manners stuff outta the way.

My sister-in-law just found out that she is having a baby girl. I am so excited for her and her husband. Due to some high-risk issues, she had an amnio. What is really wonderful is that the results show her precious baby girl will be healthy. We are so thankful to God for this sweet miracle.

Most of you know that I am an only child. I will never have any little nieces or nephews to spoil on my side of the family. You can just imagine how tickled I was to find out that I was going to be an aunt. Now, I am literally tickled pink!

Not to mention, hello, the bargains galore that I have had to pass up because they have not been the obligatory, generic yellow or sea foam green. I wrote my sister-in-law recently and told her that she absolutely must find out if this kid is a boy or a girl for the love of all things cheap. She is a bargain hunter like me, so she totally laughed out loud. By cheap, I mean quality goods at nearly give-it-away low prices.

I am glad to know that her doctor did in fact take my request seriously and put a rush order on those lab results. Hey. I've got connections, people.

Seriously, to T and C, a very big WHOOP-DEE-DO, high five, low five, in between five, Congratulations! We are looking forward to meeting our sweet niece.

And I am sooo going shopping tomorrow. :>)


Grafted Branch said...

You sure do know how to rejoice for others! What a great example you are. Congratulations, Aunt Melanie...BTW, my girls have an Aunt Melanie too. Imagine that!

(It used to freak me out a little when you would leave a comment on my blog.)

Big Mama said...

Congratulations on your niece. Now get out there and get all the pink you can find!

Tammy said...

Congratulations on that little pink bundle, Auntie! :D

Melanie said...

Grafted Branch-
I hope I freaked you out in a good way. :>)

Grafted Branch said...

"Freak out" in a good way I sister would never read my blog (too Christian), much less comment, so when I've seen your name pop up, it used to take my breath away a little...

Anonymous said...

A GIRL!!! Congrats on your niece! Have fun shopping!

Anonymous said...

"For the love of all things cheap" best phrase of the day!

Anonymous said...

It seems even more congratulations are in order! There's nothing like shopping for baby girl clothes!