Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thirteen of My Most Memorable Scents

First, thanks for all of your comments about yesterday's post. I was trying to be an encourager and ended up being encouraged. God is Good like that.

So, on to today's superficial, silly post.

I am writing about smells. You have to understand that my nose was supposed to be on a bloodhound, not a person. They say that the sense of smell has the ability to elicit the most memories, even more than sight of sound. I must smell something awfully strong while watching Seinfeld.

If only I could have smelled the textbooks in school...

Anyhoo. Here goes for my most memorable scents and smells-

1. Play dough. Reminds me of childhood. The homemade kind with the salty smell reminds me of Sunday School and helping my mom clean up after her class. Mama always made homemade play dough.

2. My Granny smelled like Aqua Net hair spray and moth balls. But in a good way.

3. I remember coming home from the hospital after having my daughter. So many wonderful ladies brought meals to our home for an entire week! I didn't have any family around at that time and my husband was busy helping with the baby. A lady from Texas brought dinner over to us. It had been an especially long and tiring day for me. I hugged her and she smelled just like fried chicken (that she had made for us!) It was the most comforting smell and the most delicious meal.

4. Coty face powder reminds me of Mama.

5. Grease and vinyl combined. Sounds odd and not very pleasant, but this reminds of my Papa and his blue Ford truck. He worked at a saw mill and drove the truck to work. It had an 8 track player and lots of Little Debbie snack cakes.

6. Honeysuckle makes me think of summers fighting the bees for the sweet nectar.

7. Calydryl lotion reminds me of the chicken pox, mosquito bites and just being itchy in general!

8. I think Target, Wal-mart and K-mart all have unique smells to their stores. I have no idea why and I don't know what these smells remind me of, since I only smell them while in the stores...

9. Tempura paint- Childhood, creativity, being free and playing. Good stuff.

10. Swimming pool smells- summer in elementary school spent with friends, drinking coke over crushed ice and eating Hot Fries with wet hands.

11. Celery and onion cooking on the stove- Thanksgiving.

12. Juicy Fruit gum- Out shopping with Mama and running errands.

13. Baby Magic baby wash, a clean diaper, Pampers baby wipes, fresh clothes- my daughter as a baby, just after her bath.

Any smells remind you of something? Leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Ok some of these aren't memorable in a good way.....but memorable nonetheless.

Anything Gardenia'ish smelling reminds me of my grandmother because she wore a "Maw Maw" perfume that had to do with Gardenia's.

Coffee and cigarette smell together remind me of my great-grandmother. That was before we were so worried about second hand smoke and children inhaling it. So far I'm ok....LOL!

The smell of carnations reminds me of the way a funeral home smells with all those flowers in there!

AND lastly leather makes me think of riding my horse and my saddle so I love to smell leather anytime, anywhere!

Love reading your blog!

Grafted Branch said...

I like #3...very sweet.

This is a fantastic idea for a Thursday 13...I may snatch it from you at some later date.

As for memorable scents...well, there is the yucky smell of having been outside (even without the perspiration --what is that? dirt?) and the strangely sweet smell of mother's milk on a baby's breath. Those come to mind.

Hey, thanks for a place on your blogroll -- I caught it on my sitemeter.

Anonymous said...

Grate List! I especially relate to the honeysuckle! I hated it when my mom finally talked my dad into spraying the honeysuckle that grew up near our patio ... then the nectar was of course off limits. We were at all times forbidden to take the blooms off of anyone else's because ya just never knew if they sprayed theirs or not. Sigh ...

Oh! There's a hat tip for you in my T13.

This week my Thursday Thirteen is especially full of opportunities to do things with a group ... especially reading ... but there's this virtual cross-country wallk, too. (thanks Melanie)

And ... of course, there's opportunities to catch up on some stories about life that people are telling.

And ... there's an invitation...

Anonymous said...

Number 2? Is that possible??
Also, Number 8, yes they do. I would like to try an experiment where objects from each are placed in a bag and I'm blindfolded and try to guess which came from where. I have an intriguing life.

Roxanne said...

Oil of Olay reminds me of my Granny. I keep a bottle of it to use on my hands sometimes. . .

Your Aqua Net and moth balls "but in a good way" is like my PaPaw--he smelled like gasoline and Redman chewing tobacco--but in a good way

Yellow rice and coffee remind me of my other grandparents house

The air on a summer day right before it rains reminds me of hot childhood afternoons in July and August when it ALWAYS rained around 2:30 or 3:00 because of the heat

Homemade Chex Mix reminds me of my Granny's house--she always made it for the holidays

Peppermints--my husband

Tammy said...

#2 made me laugh out loud :D
Truly, I can relate to that one. I still remember how my Gammee smelled, though she passed away 23 years ago...
Kind of like good cooking, fresh linens, with a touch of cigarette breath. But in a good way.

(She was a good Christian lady, but couldn't kick the habit for the longest time!)

Such a great 13, Melanie.

Anonymous said...

Once I was in the grocery store, pregnant (boy, that's a familiar scenario), and picked up a bottle of Baby Magic baby bath. I opened the lid and smelled it, and tears came into my eyes at the familiarity of the smell and all the memories of my babies that were tied up in it. About that time another shopper passed me and I'm sure I must have looked crazy.

Anonymous said...

Play-doh always reminds me of our church basement. That's where the Sunday school classes were. We played with play-do every Sunday. Great mememory really.

Anonymous said...

Loves Baby Soft perfume reminds me of middle school. The smell of coffee, bacon, and anything sweet reminds me of waking up at my grandmother's house. The smell of Tresemme hair spray makes me think of traveling, because we always buy those travel sizes of hairspray for trips. ::::sigh::::

Fun post!

Grafted Branch said...

Oh yeah, Cyndi! Love's Baby Soft! I would probably wear that for sentiment's sake alone, if I could find it.

Anonymous said...

melanie ... lol ... i got and approved your comment ... but if you want anybody else to know you've commented you need to visit my real blog at

I'd really love to have your company there.

and i thought I had that blogger blog hidden ... goodness ... blogging is such work!

ok well