Monday, January 22, 2007

An Open Email

Would Lissette, Stewart, Ricardo, and Almondo please stop sending me spam regarding weight loss, acne, and bad credit?

You are beginning to give me a complex.

And, just so you know, my credit is excellent.


Big Mama said...

At least you're not getting anything about a certain type of enhancements. Not sure how I got on that list.

Anonymous said...

Being the obviously hetero that I am, having all the children I do and being as dumpy as a grandmother in her extreeemly late 40's can be, I can never imagine why some of these spam artistes would even try to get me to read some of this stuff.

Do they just think I'm gonna jump at the chance to become "more of a MAN" or to "Buy Via_ra Cheap!" or whatever? Do people really DO this stuff??? How stupid ARE they if they do???

Sorry. One of my pet peeves.