Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My best post yet!

Here is the prize-winning poem my daughter wrote, without any corrections for spelling. :>)

Silliness is light blue
It tastes like tropa co co ladda
It smells like flowers
And reminds me of giggling
It sounds like laughter
Silliness makes me feel happy

In case you are wondering what I have been giving our daughter to drink, "tropical colada" is her favorite V-8 Splash flavor!


Southern Girl said...

Awesome poem! Tell her that any poem that uses my favorite color in it is a prize-winner to me. I think you have a writer on your hands. :)

Nancy said...

Except for the "tropa co co ladda" (my favorite part, BTW) it could have been written by a high school student. Tell her that although I don't drink those, I used to use suntan oil that smelled like that and every time I smell it, it takes me back to the summer between seventh and eighth grade.....oh, never mind. Just tell her that I love her poem. :)

Anonymous said...

She does have a way with words, your girl!

Emily said...

beautiful poem!! She does have some talent!

Tammy said...

Wow, excellent! I love the "tastes like tropa co co ladda"! :D

Big Mama said...

I am going to have to get me some "tropa co co ladda" because I do enjoy the silliness.

I love it!

Anonymous said...

How very sweet! I think I would be inspired if you were giving me something called tropical colada, too.

The sweetest thing, however, is the title of your post.

Anonymous said...

So adorable - I love the poem!

Roxanne said...

Congratulations on your award winner!!!!! That poem is just about as nice as they come.