Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pork Products and Fitness

That's what I came home to this afternoon.

My daughter was eating bacon. Husband had made about 5 pieces. She did manage to eat a slice of bread, at my request. I feared a tummy upset from all of that grease. After her "snack," she started doing jumping jacks. (The snack and exercise were totally unrelated in her mind, but very coincidental to me.)

I looked up from blogging and said,"Why are you doing jumping jacks?"

"Cause," she said, still hopping.

"Cause why?" I asked again.

"Just cause. Cause IS the reason," and she continued hopping.

At this point, she has completed a round of knee bends, push-ups, and a series of stretches. In her bathing suit. For NO REASON WHATSOVER. Oh, except just CAUSE.

Now I feel really lame about missing my walks this week. I think I'll just go polish my Reeboks now.


Chrissy said...

I just have to say I think you look adorable in your hat! I wish I could get away with a hat, but frankly, I look ridiculous. Oh, well.

Julie said...

Well hey there, Melanie...what a cute picture of you in your hat, looking southern and all!

You can always come on over and take a walk with me. I do 2 1/2 miles most every wouldn't even have to polish your Reebok's.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of bacon, did you see that cool way to cook it that Barb posted?

When I checked my comments and saw a picture next to "Melanie" I yelled, "Is that my Melanie?!" and headed right over to take a look!

Love the picture! You had me going after all that AARP talk... I can't tell hair color, though. I've always imagined you were blonde.

"Mystery Melanie" is unveiled!