Sunday, April 08, 2007

Apparently, we are not in good hands.

After watching an Allstate car insurance commercial...

Hubs- "What's the deal with Stan?"

Me- "What? Stan?"

Hubs- "Yeah. What's up with Stan?"

Me- "It's StanD. Not Stan!"

uncontrolled laughter

Hubs- "Ohhh. I thought it was some kind of catch phrase, "That's Allstate, Stan."

Me- "That's Allstate's StanD."

more laughter

Me- "You thought they were trying to get Stan to buy insurance. There is this one guy out there who refuses to buy Allstate and his name is Stan."

Hubs- "Yep. Now, that's focus advertising."


Clemntine said...

That Stan is one tough nut to get his own entire line of advertising.


Grafted Branch said...

LOL! I have no clever quip to give, just laughing -- that's all. :)

Aunt Boo said...

That is so funny. It is honestly something I would think too.

Nancy said...

I have never paid much attention, but can totally understand that!

Mommy Dearest said...

I think President Palmer there can handle just about anything, even Stan!

~~ Lily ~~ said...

Melanie, you are not going to believe this, but I was relating your story to my mother, and she just kept this small smile on her face. When I finished your tale, she sheepishly said,

"I thought he was saying 'Stan' too."

ROFL - there are two of them in the world.